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Maurits 437
Friesian Sire


Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Maurits 437 Sport x Dries 421 Sport x Tsjerk 328 Preferent

Born: Valentines Day!!! Feb 14, 2017.

Stands 161 cm tall (that is 15.3 1/2 hands)


Mother is  Ster

Mothers Mother is  Ster Preferent

Great Grandmother is Ster Preferent

Great Great Grandmother is Ster Preferent

Drake STER is a Friesian horse with the real WOW-factor!! This stunning STER gelding is one of a kind. He has the looks to get YOU noticed and extremely good movement: he can really float on air in his trot!

Drake already has a fantastic long mane! This ster friesian gelding for sale comes straight from his breeder; every day of his life is known, NOT your typical "sale horse".


He is always happy, friendly and playful. It is wonderful to be in his presence. Drake  loves attention and cuddles!

In his pedigree you will find almost solely preferent sires and dams. Drake’s older brother was in the stallion performance test in 2019, and nearly became an approved breeding stallion! This damline is known for its very high quality offspring! His dam is on her way to become Preferent as well!

Drake stems from a STER mare by Dries 421, famous for passing on lots of racial type to his offspring. With the movements of Maurits combined in Drake, the result is his amazing looks and the fantastic movement, which you can see in his vids above!

Drake is well trained and is currently competing in M level dressage (scoring above 62% in 2nd level). He is a fantastic horse to ride. He is clever and loves to learn new exercises. Drake is also easy to sit. His gaits are smooth with lots of tact and rhythm. For dressage lovers, Drake has real potential to reach the higher levels as a sporthorse! BUT, he would be equally happy just being your "pet" and going for rides around your farm!!!


To be on his back is like heaven on earth!


Drake is currently training 3rd level dressage. Next to dressage, Drake has a thorough education in lunging training. He also loves to go out on a trail ride.

Drake was raised in a friendly respectful way. He therefore has great confidence in people. With the farrier and vet, Drake is perfectly relaxed. Next to that--- he is easy to load on a trailer or truck, you can do that all by yourself!


Drake has no vices and has never been ill or lame in his life.

X-rays from June 3, 2021, are clean and available for review with your vet!

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