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Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

RARE Friesian X Lipizzaner

High Scores in 1st Level Dressage

Suitable for MOST Level Riders!

Don't miss this RARE Friesian X Lipizzaner

16.1 hands, thoroughly vetted and xrayed, and xrays available for review with your vet, taken in March 2021.


Piter THE white friesian! The one and only! Hard to find! 


Piter is a very nice and HARD TO FIND Friesian x Lippizaner with a very very very big neck for his age----He is a warlandar horse.


Piter is a very sweet, easy to ride, smooth to sit, soft in the mouth and he is always in a good mood! 

He has small ears, friendly eyes with a big white tail. He is a UNICORN! 

 He likes to be brushed, coddled and he is always looking for candies or cookies. 

Piter is always ready going out for a trail but also likes to win a competition!

He is ridden in competition in 1st level dressage, and certainly has the potential to go much higher.

Everybody can ride him, no matter their riding ability or experience!


Piter was bred in Holland by a horse family. They work with horses, driving for weddings, etc. They wanted to breed a horse who wants to work hard and also has a good mind…….a horse that would work hard when necessary, and relax too when the must wait with the carriage; also the daughter of the family does dressage with all their horses. So Piter was the result of their breeding program, with this goal in mind, and was bred to be ideally suited for all around work----TALENTED, WITH a superb temperament and mind.


Piter’s father is a Friesian stallion by the approved stallion, Tamme and his mother is by the approved stallion, Brandus (Brandus blood is very nice for throwing offspring that are built to achieve higher levels in dressage) and his grandmother is a 100% Lipizzaner mare (see  picture with the carriage), hence Piter is more than 50% friesian ---we call him the Friesian with a white coat!  The Dutch  family that bred Piter still has his mother and a lot of VERY talented crosses that are relatives of Piter, and they have excellent longevity. His Lipizzaner grandmother gave him his GORGEOUS dapple grey coloring:)


My partner also owns Piter’s full 5 yr old sister (she's pregnant at the moment). She's also very pretty and has a wonderful character, just like Piter.


Piter is quiet and VERY people oriented---he is the friendliest horse in the stable. Because of his stunning looks, he also does photoshoots with professional photographers and everyone that works with him just adores this young horse for sale!!! Next week Piter is going to do an international photoshoot with students from all over the world (see photo of the group of people with cameras around their necks!).


Piter is the perfect Friesian X Lipizzaner cross. He has a big heart and is not scared of anything, but yet is curious of new things, and is a VERY quick learner, and we think he has the potential to go far in FEI dressage.


We bought Piter in March 2021 from the family who bred him, so he's been in my partner’s stable for over a year, and we hence know this horse VERY well.  We started working lightly with him in April 2021 and he has been started slowly and methodically, and most importantly CORRECTLY, in classical dressage. Piter wants to work, he is not a  lazy dead head, but he also can relax, and he really likes going on long hacks and trail rides. When we started his formal dressage education, it was just like he had been doing dressage for years---it just comes naturally to him.   And because of his VERY friendly nature towards people, Piter is the favorite in his stable.


He currently stands 166cm (16.1 hands) and is a real muscled boy with a very nice head, small ears and big neck and body. Three very nice gaits.

He has always been 100% healthy and sound and is super friendly in his behavior to other horses, both outside and inside the stable; Piter is still a stallion, w/ no stallion characteristics whatsoever (he doesn’t know that he is a stallion!). Price includes delivery as a gelding.


Everyone falls in love with this horse, he is the PERFECT grey Friesian!


Piter comes with a passport (no papers), and is microchipped.

Piter is a RARE Friesian X Lipizzaner Cross that is the whole package! His kind, sweet demeanor makes him a joy to be around. He is very experienced under saddle and in front of the carriage. In the Netherlands, Piter already has extensive experience including navigating traffic, trails, and even going to the beach. He has three beautiful balanced gaits and excellent 3rd party verification of his dressage training---Piter is currently scoring above 65% in 1st level dressage!  His uphill build along with his movement gives him the ability for upper levels in dressage.  If showing upper level is not for you, he can easily go western and is a wonderful trail partner also. He loves to relax and hack down the trails; he crosses bridges and water and hauls great to new places. His trot is so comfortable, you could literally sit it all day. His canter is lofty and uphill which makes it feel incredible. This grey fairytale boy is truly a dream horse! Very few horses for his age have truly THIS much experience and this kind of temperament! This guy is talented and picks up new work easily. Sweet friesians for sale like Piter that are safe and talented in so many areas are truly hard to find.


$48,900 delivered to NY as a gelding. Chicago and LAX are 2k more.

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