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Wybren 464
Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands
7 yr old gelding
16.1 hands
1st level dressage
Drives Single, Pair, 4 and 8 in hand
Call 415-272-2112 for More Info on this SUPER Sweet, gentle, and light to ride friesian gelding for sale!

Zion is a 7 years old gelding, ready for you to take in the show ring in 1st level dressage.

Lots of driving experience, even in an 8 in hand!

Super sweet, gentle, light to ride, perfect in traffic.

I took him on a trail ride in the forest and to the beach----what an EXTREMELY easy horse!!!!

If he trusts you, this horse will go through fire for you!

Perfect X-rays available for review with your vet.

Here is an IDEAL age of 7 year old gelding that  is ridden and driven. A very sweet and calm horse. Strong built, very good movements!! EXCELLENT dressage foundation. He is extremely easy going, relaxed and comfortable with the rider, and has beautiful tact & rhythm in his gaits.




B-Day 4-13-15



He has a lovely personality – always eager to please – and is a truly forward moving Friesian, fit and with stamina, yet that wonderful BAROQUE presence! He has a calm and cooperative personality and is easy to ride and to handle.


Zion is the type of Friesian everybody dreams of. A tall, majestic horse for the lover of a true Friesian! Here is an imported true Storybook Friesian with an enormous stallion-like presence and very nice movement! He has an abundance of beautiful, long, flowing hair and a gorgeous face.



Zion is currently going First level dressage and shows big elasticity in his movement. He is an elegant mover, easy to sit. He engages his rear end naturally very well and always moves ‘uphill’ with natural balance. Zion is an excellent dressage OR trail  partner.


He has the movement, the conformation and the mind to go far in the competitive dressage arena---and the temperament to make a nice all around pleasure/trail partner. He has a social and curiously interactive personality and is a pure joy to be around---and lots of experience in numerous settings, at his ideal age of 7 years. Lots of beautiful hair in mane & tail add to his attractive appearance as a true JET BLACK Friesian.


He has also been cart trained and due to his driving background in the country would also make an enjoyable trail partner. Zion comes with a recent thorough pre purchase and xrays and is 100% sound and and healthy.

Zion is forward going but not "hot".  If he trusts his rider, he is the MOST FANTASTIC horse you will EVER ride!!! 


Zion is $39,900 delivered to NY. Chicago and LAX are 2k more for airfare.

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