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Jehannes 484
Friesian Sire


Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17 hands

TALL, measuring 171 cm , which is 17 hands TALL, and 5 yrs old, this well trained to ride and drive son of Jehannes  has a “Black Labrador” personality!   You won’t find a SAFER , easier to ride, GOOD THINKING boy anywhere!!


Jet black, ideal conformation, super easy to sit.  Always ridden by a 13 yr old girl, and  VERY suitable for a beginner rider, or child.  You can see in the videos above just how easy he is to take ANYWHERE!!!


You will really enjoy your time in the saddle on this fairytale fella.  We rode AND drove him – and Fiji is uncomplicated, responsive, easy on the bit, never to fast, not too slow, has an excellent whoa, and  was super on a trail by himself. No whip or spurs needed, and he has 3 very good gaits, and I think  will be successful in any discipline---he has an excellent work ethic!!


We  had him thoroughly vetted and Xrayed including back and neck on Nov 18, 2021, all excellent, 100% sound and healthy!


You can really get a good idea of just how easy going, and SAFE SAFE SAFE this lovely well trained boy is, in the fairly lengthy videos above, showing Fiji in all kinds of settings. 


This gorgeous impressive majestic dreamboat has it ALL. 


AWESOME Pedigree:


Rides AND Drives!


He behaves like a schoolmaster: forgiving and willing.  Doesnt know he is a stallion, and we will deliver him as a gelding. We ride him between all the other horses, including mares and ponies.  He enjoys going on trails, driving on the streets, is never spooky, and has a very brave solid quiet character.  He will never go too fast---Fiji is an excellent choice for a rider that has had a bad experience previously---he is a good CONFIDENCE builder.

  He has 3 good balanced gaits and is VERY comfortable to sit. 


And lets not forget his drop dead gorgeous looks!!! 


His full set of xrays, incl back and neck, are near perfect, and available for review with your vet.


Fiji is $52,900 delivered to NY as a gelding, and Chicago and LAX are 2k more. Or we are happy to import him as a stallion--(the additional 30 day stallion quarantine will run you an additional $6500 if you prefer we bring him over as a stud.)


Here is a gorgeous TALL friesian for sale that is suitable for EVERY rider and driver!!!

If you are looking for a VERY nice to ride uncomplicated Friesian with an
EXCELLENT temperament, you NEED to take a serious look at this schoolmaster.

Buying Price:


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