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Pier 448
Friesian Sire


Maurus 441
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

It is getting more and more difficult to find EXPERIENCED, well trained friesian geldings, with recent clean xrays and vetchecks, and PROVEN  dressage show records, that are in the 8-9 years old range and are already geldings, and are well trained all around family horses----- suitable for every rider.


We hit the JACKPOT with this SWEET, kind, EASYGOING, reasonably priced 8 yr old friesian gelding for sale, Reed!


This 16.2 hand baroque boy has lots of trail experience, and is safe to take to the beach and goes through water, and is excellent in traffic.  What  I REALLY love about Reed is that he ALSO has the so sought after competition experience, with official winning points in  L dressage, which is the same thing as 1st level dressage in the United States.  This means this  8 yr old  had to trailer to foreign settings and compete in arenas he had never been in previously and score ABOVE 62% in a 1st level test, in order to accrue winning points in L level dressage, which is excellent 3rd party verification of his  dressage  level and training. 

Reed was owned by a lady that had him as an all-around family horse, she went to the club lessons, to some dressage competitions, but most of all she enjoyed riding in nature (trail riding) with Reed. 


She bought him from the breeder. Reed grew up in a group with other young friesians until he was about 31/2 years old. He had a great childhood. Then he was castrated and slowly started his mature life. He had also a splendid life with this lady, unfortunately she became sick, very sad story......She was not able to keep Reed anymore; Otherwise he was never for sale. 


We bought Reed,  At our stable he is ridden by the students that we have and we use him in our friesian lessons with many different level riders. He is extremely easy, forgiving, no problem when the rider makes a mistake; suitable for every rider. He is completely safe on trails and in traffic. 

He is only ridden by amateurs. 


At our stable he is  turned out everyday for a few hours, with some other geldings; Reed is always friendly and playful with all other horses. 

 Reed can go barefoot no problem, he has good hooves. We currently have showes on front, barefoot behind.

Reed is always willing,  he is a super GOOD THINKING boy; no problem when the rider makes a mistake; he is forgiving.
He is easy and  uncomplicated with a friendly character, Reed has lots of patience and loves to be groomed and cuddled.  He is very affectionate to people.


In short, here is a friesian that is a joy to ride, very comfortable to sit, goes on the bit automatically, and is soft in your hand.


We LOVE his GREAT canter!!! Watch the vids above-----Reed  canters easily from the walk, which is a 2nd level maneuver.


Pier X Maurus, with a SUPERB motherline:



Bday: Jun 16, 2013
168 cm =16.2 hands


Reed is not too fast, and not too slow, he has a perfect go.   He is brave outside,  NOT a horse that you have to ONLY ride in the indoor arena! Never spooky.


We turn Reed out regularly with other horses---and he is friends with all other horses, very social.


Here is a superb opportunity to acquire the perfect all around family / dressage/ trail horse.


Recent vet check with  X-rays taken February 21, 2022,  available for review with your vet, just give Janna a  call at 415-272-2112!



Reed is $37,900 delivered to NY.  Chicago and LAX are 2k more.

Buying Price:


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