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Alwin 469
Friesian Sire


Olrik 383
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

It's not often that we are able to offer PRIX ST GEORGE level friesians for sale.  Seymour is a STER and SPORT 16.2 hand friesian ster gelding that is currently 8 yrs old----, and SUCH a SPECIAL HORSE!!!

He has acquired the highly coveted STER predicate for demonstrating that his conformation and movement is tippy top 10% of all friesians.  AND he has acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate for having more than 5 winning points in 3rd level dressage.  it doesnt stop there........ Seymour has a LONG list of accomplishments.....


-2nd place as a 3 year in the Talent Cup.

-Reserve Regional Champion M (2nd) level.

-Small Final Winner Z (3rd Level) Level 6 years European Friesian Champion.

-Currently ZZ Licht (Prix St George in the Unite States)-2 winning points, which means he HAS to be doing what is required of that FEI test, and scoring 62% or ABOVE, in order to  achieve a winning point.

-Doing Piaffe AND Passage AND has lots of expression---will be an amazing show or exhibition horse for YOU!

and it goes on and on!


This exquisite LONG haired sweetheart stands 168cm. tall, which is 16.2  hands tall and is just about as UNCOMPLICATED as they come----ANYBODY can ride on this upper level schoolmaster and will love this horse!


In particular, what i love about Seymour:

1) He is SMOOTH to sit 

2) He is light in the bridle and VERY light in your hand

3) He is already a gelding and he is kind in the stable and easy for even a child to work with or handle.

4) Seymour has tons of experience in a variety of settings and lots of wins.  You don't have to take anyone's word for it---this horse has PROOF of his capabilities!

5) AND he doesn't JUST DO DRESSAGE; Seymour LOVES trail rides!!!


You wont find a more gorgeous, uncomplicated, easy going, TALENTED, long haired, already thoroughly vetted and xrayed, IDEAL age of 8 yr old, FEI friesian for sale ANYWHERE with so much competition experience  that ALSO likes to frolic in the surf at the beach----this horse doesn't care if you EVER take him to another competition again----let HIM teach YOU to ride dressage!!:):)


AND you can easily ride him without a whip. He’s not lazy and not too hot. Not spooky. AND trained to drive!


Seymour is one of the friendliest horses in the stable, and he is certainly the MOST BEAUTIFUL!.  His pedigree is to DIE for.  Sired by Alwin SPORT and out of a KROON MODEL mare by Olrik SPORT, his motherline is textbook:



Bday: May 4, 2013


LOW 0.98% inbreeding

Scored an "8" for his "Type" and 7.5 "Build, "legwork" and "step" and "Gallop" , on the ABFP test.

The sky is the limit for this TALENTED, easy to sit, easy to ride, FEI friesian for sale that is now going ZZ Licht Dressage (Prix St George)!


Seymour comes with a full set of xrays available for review with your vet, taken on Jun 1, 2021, as well as a thorough pre purchase exam including flexion testing and lameness exam.


Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 (please no texts) about this special friesian for sale----when we have friesians with solid flying changes, they tend to not last!

Seymour is $62,900 delivered to NY, or $64,900 delivered to Chicago, Miami or LAX.

Buying Price:


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