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Wimer 461
Friesian Sire


Sierk 326
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To MARKUS 491

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Dressage Champion AND Producer of Dressage Champions!

TERRIFIC 2 for 1 DEAL, will give you a foal by an approved stallion ONLY available in Europe, DUE Jun 7th!


Are you looking for a FULL Pedigree registered friesian mare with a solid dressage foundation with SHOW EXPERIENCE and is a proven PRODUCER, having had 4 foals, AND will give you a foal THIS YEAR, yes-------actually in a matter of just a few months, that is worth nearly half her purchase price? 


You can't go wrong with Shadae.  161 cm (15.3 hands) and daughter of the SPORT Champion, Wimer and out of a ster mare by Sierk.  She has an impeccable motherline with unbroken ster predicates:




Birthday: Jun 20, 2013

Tested NEGATIVE for Hydrocephalus and Dwarfism!

This VERY sweet mare competed in the Friesian Dressage Talent Cup and is EASY and light to ride. 


Note, one of her previous foals munched on a middle part of her mane----darn it:(  But don't worry, it will grow back!:)


Her 1st son by Michiel was recently 9th at the Talent Cup 2021/2022!!

  Here is a SUPER nice friesian mare for sale that is not only a dressage champion herself, she is PRODUCING dressage champions.

What a REASONABLY PRICED friesian for sale that is an excellent investment opportunity! Just look at the hind leg on this phenomenal MOVING mare with FULL PAPERS!  She is an AMAZING, talented, PROVEN in the dressage show arena, easy to ride,  Wimer daughter!  And an EXCELLENT 2 for 1 deal, in foal to the well-respected approved stallion, Markus 491, giving you a foal worth 12-18k in 3 mos.


Not only is she a PROVEN producer and confirmed in foal, but she is also wonderful under saddle. We LOVE her amazing extension and STRONG hind leg----which she passes on to her offspring.


She is an ideal age, proven PRODUCER of dressage winners, show experience herself, with so much life ahead of her AND a full pedigree with unbroken STER predicates.


Shadae is an outstanding value, no matter how you look at her, and an excellent addition to any breeding program!

What i PARTICULARLY like about this mare for MY clients: She has an AMAZING CHARACTER! She has taken off a tremendous amount of time to "be a mom" and produce champions for us, and we just popped on her to take pictures and vids, and she was PERFECTLY well behaved!! SUCH a Super Sweet horse to work with---willing to work FOR YOU!!! Amazing trot!!!! AND not spooky AT ALL!!!! 


Shadae has an EXTREMELY LOW 0.59% inbreeding co-efficiency, which means you may breed her to just about any approved stallion.  She stems from stam line 24.

She is $33,900 delivered to NY; Chicago and LAX are 2k more. Price does not include the required 15 day cem quarantine at the facility of your choice (prices range from $1400-$2800). Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for details.

Last imported pregnant mare for the year---the window of opportunity is quickly closing, don't miss this one!


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