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Alwin 469
Friesian Sire


Maurus 441
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

BSF is proud to present Nash, a STER stallion, we will deliver as a STER gelding (or you can pay the additional 6k for the extra 30 day stallion quarantine and we are happy to import him as a stallion for you, if you prefer the gonads stay on:)) 



Nash  is  extremely easy, suitable for every rider. Gentle well mannered sweetheart! 


But also top quality, he is a splendid mover and very beautiful. Very well trained both in riding and driving. 


This horse will FOR SURE  bring his new owner a lot of joy! 


And for this ster stallion, the price is very reasonable, price includes gelding, 6 weeks of care following castration, and import and quarantine to NY.  LAX and Chicago are 2k more.



Nash is a RARE 5 year old Star stallion,  standing 165cm  tall, which 16.1 hands tall,  with extra special movement!! Beautiful conformation, uphill round neck, long mane, top quality, far above average----of course the Dutch Judge's agreed on that, they selected him as tippy top 10% for conformation, and named him a STER stallion already, which is excellent 3rd party verification of his QUALITY.



Proud appearance, lots of expression. Potential for  upper level dressage. Lots of experience under saddle and for the carriage. Suitable for every rider and driver. Willing friendly uncomplicated character.


Safe on trails and in traffic---we don't like to call horses "bombproof" because they are animals, but this boy is about as safe as they come.  
No problem when the rider makes a mistake.  Absolutely forgiving.


Good ground mannered.  


Very affectionate;  human oriented, loves to cuddle.


Social and friendly with all other horses.


Extended sport vet check, X-rays including back and neck. Nash STER is sold with a full set of xrays taken on 10/18/21 including back and neck (29 radiographs) AND a thorough physical pre purchase exam completed by a licensed veterinarian with flexion testing and lameness exam on both Oct 18, 2021, AND Mar 25, 2022.

B-day Feb 13, 2017 (I LOVE this ****MY b-day is also Feb 13th, Okay, not quite 2017.....:)):):)). Nash has an IMPECCABLE motherline with unbroken ster predicates throughout: STER-STER-STER+Pref-STER, and a very low in-breeding co-efficient of 1.37%! Sired by the incomparable dressage superstar Alwin SPORT PREF AAA and dam is sired also by World Re-Knowned Maurus 441 Sport, it's no wonder Nash STER is destined for greatness. 


Never plan on competing? No matter! Nash STER does not care----he will take you around town, and on trails, and to clinics,  and maybe even join a parade in GREAT style, SAFELY, and will make jaws DROP as you pass by. 


This horse has CHARISMA that makes people smile, and is more into his "people", than the "herd". 


Call Janna at 415-272-2112



This is a GOOD ONE, he is certain to NOT LAST!

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