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Epke 474
Friesian Sire


Abel 344
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

This is a RARE Fairytale Friesian STER SPORT horse for Sale and soon to be ELITE Friesian for sale!!!! And what a SWEET GENTLEMAN.  When the Grand Prix trainer isn't showing him, a 15 yr old rides him at his stable---testament to his wonderful character:)


He is beginning piaffe, did 5 changes on the diagonal in training today, and will be entering Prix St George Competition this fall!  Wilhelmus scored 220 winning points in today's Z2 competition----just so you know, you only need 206 in order to get a  point in Z2 dressage:)  This is a FAR ABOVE AVERAGE friesian that is destined to ROCK the FEI world.  


He stands 168 cm, which translates to 16.2 hands TALL.


Here is a SWEET, and intelligent, NOT spoooky, always controllable friesian for sale, that is headed to GRAND PRIX level dressage.  His usual rider, a 15 yr old girl, rides this current ster stallion (we will deliver him as a ster gelding, castration included in his price) and she rides him in-between the mares. He is a big mover but NEVER mean, goes great in a snaffle, and light on the aids!

You wont find such a beautiful well schooled FEI friesian for sale like this anywhere---he is truly one of the VERY BEST dressage friesians currently competing in the Netherlands! And he will be ready for PSG VERY SOON!


Today he scored 220 (204 is 60%)---if you want the best of the BEST in friesian form for dressage, and a GORGEOUS long haired boy that is a REAL schoolmaster, here is your boy!! 

Pedigree is IMPECCABLE:
Ster Pref-Ster-Ster-Pref-Ster


Bday 4/16/2015


Stam line 50, the GOLD STANDARD!!!

LOW 4.69% inbreeding

This is a One in a MILLION Friesian, ... and this boy has MORE quality than some APPROVED stallions---this is the MOST talented sporthorse in Friesian form that we have seen in a LONG TIME.... with MUCH dressage show experience, and a HEART OF GOLD. Wilhelmus is a VERY special boy with FEI potential for your consideration.....

We are very excited about this special guy. He is extremely talented with a remarkable work ethic. He is already schooling MULTIPLE lead changes, piaffe and passage. Not only is he extremely talented and possesses a real eagerness to please, he is a real stunner to look at, and riders just cant stop smiling when they are on his back!   If you are looking for a once in a lifetime fairytale Friesian that is ALSO the most talented/willing boy you have ever seen, Here he is! His attitude and FEEL that he gives the rider/driver is second to none!

And Wilhelmus has lots of competition experience competing in the upper levels, AND driving.

He is incredibly easy to sit, and goes equally as well in a snaffle, as a double bridle! His gaits are sooooo smooth. Here  is a drive off the show room floor kind of horse ready to show THIS season, with SO MUCH TALENT and EXPERIENCE and a proven show record, full set of good xrays available for review with your vet, with many years ahead of him.  Perfect in every way is the only way to describe this STER and SPORT and AA talented friesian for sale!

 He is currently 6 yrs old, and will be 7 in April and Wil truly is a gorgeous, 16.2 hand tall, beautiful built STER SPORT boy with PERFECT flying changes, a VERY long mane and a very thick tail, UPHILL build, and a stellar work ethic.  He is very sweet and easy to handle---we have a young 1st level rider that rides him with no difficulty. Here is a horse that is just so nice to work with, EVERYONE falls in love with him. He ALSO has such elastic movements!! TALENT TALENT TALENT!! Pretty amazing extended trot. His canter is also very VERY good; excellent collections and extensions. He has the HIGHLY coveted AA predicate added to his name for his very high ABFP and IBOP scores. 

This 168 cm TALL impressive fairytale looking boy is one impressive upper level dressage friesian AND excellent to drive, not often available to purchase!

He is EXCEPTIONALLY SWEET and people oriented.  He will stand perfectly still for LONG grooming sessions---which you will need, as he has LONG LONG HAIR!!! He LOVES trails and you can even ride him bareback. You will learn from this horse and you will have so much fun on him, even if you are not an advanced rider. He truly is a once in a lifetime kind of horse.

He is elastic in the trot, super soft in your hand with just a snaffle, and moves right off your leg. He has the best canter and great extended and collected gaits that i have ridden in a long while!!! Comes with a pre purchase exam and full set of x rays which were done when he was 3.5 yrs old,  available for review with your vet. ... Wilhelmus is quite simply, the BEST!!!

 Call Janna for more info: 415-272-2112 or email [email protected]


He is a GOOD one---....to an approved home only, that will give this boy the love and attention he deseves!

 LAX and Chicago are 2k more for airfare than New York. 

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