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Tsjalle 454
Friesian Sire


Beart 411
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wibout 511

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

SUPERB Pedigree on this TALL, 16.1 hand, long legged BEAUTY!

Great opportunity to acquire a High-quality mare in foal to an incredible approved stallion, Wibout 511!! Wibout 511 is the first approved son of the Sport and Elite breeding stallion Thorben 466. He is a large-framed, breed-typical stallion that will make Fleur’s foal unique because of his free bloodline and 0% inbreeding; he can contribute to a low kinship. We like Wibout 511 because he is an impressive stallion with a lot of front, built naturally uphill. He has a good self-carriage by nature. He has a strong, wide walk, in his trot his strong hind leg stands out and he has also got the expressive foreleg use of his father Thorben 466. His canter is uphill with a lot of cadence. This stallion was praised for his strong use of his hind leg during the Central Examination, and we think the combination of Fleur and Wibout will be phenomenal, and can’t wait to see the resulting foal, due in June! 

This perfect mare is as good as gold and you cannot go wrong with this investment! Not only is Fleur double trained to ride AND drive, but Fleur is also an AMAZING, calm, easy, beautiful PREGNANT TALL mare that can FLAT MOVE!  What a great 2 for 1 deal with great bloodlines! Fleur’s motherline is exceptional:


 Fleur’s father is the approved SPORT stallion, Tsjalle 454 SPORT PREF:

 World Champion show driving for breeding stallions 2010; Reserve world champion of the stallion show 2011; Champion show driving for breeding stallions 2011; Reserve world champion of the stallion show 2013; Champion Z (3rd level) dressage Kootwijk 2013; Reserve champion older stallions of the stallion show 2015; World Grand Champion stallion show 2016; Reserve champion older stallions of the stallion show 2019


Fleur is as sweet as can be and has a lovely, calm demeanor. She is 5 years old and is a RARE TALL friesian mare for sale with a beautiful build and exceptional conformation and great movement!

This is a superb 2 for 1 deal whereby you get an easy, gorgeous, INCREDIBLE moving mare along with a baby.


With the prices of Friesians going up you cannot go wrong with this deal! Her baby will be worth between 12-18k, over half of your investment already paid for!


Our pregnant mares sell very quickly so be sure to give us a call if you are interested in her. You can’t beat a Tsjalle x Beart mare that will give you a Wibout foal in June, that is ALSO double trained to ride AND drive.  This gal has FANTASTIC gaits, especially her trot. Every time she is ridden, everyone just stops and watches and gasps----she is so loose in her whole body.

This is a GOOD one. Fleur is $34,900 including air and 3-day USDA quarantine delivered to NY; LAX and Chicago are 2k more. Price does not include the additional required 15-day cem quarantine at the facility of your choice (typically $1400-$2600).

Buying Price:


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