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Hessel 480
Friesian Sire


Onne 376
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands
Vuitton is a splendid dressage horse, but he is ALSO a joy to ride outside on TRAILS and in traffic. He is very experienced pulling a cart all over the countryside both alone and in pair.
He has a gentle personality, is affectionate to people, loves to cuddle, and has great ground manners.
Vuitton is Talented with a capital T, a real Fairytale friesian for sale, and a sweetheart!!
Vuitton has it all!! IDEAL age:6 yrs old, 16.1 hands tall.

Extraordinary opportunity to own a drop dead Gorgeous black Friesian for sale. This boy has a LONG, Thick and Beautiful mane and tail! Vuitton is very uncomplicated and easy to ride, even for children. He is a perfect mount for an amateur rider. He has lots of experience and is very safe, and is well trained. We love Vuitton because he is so talented in his movement. He has a very strong hind leg and uses himself so well.

Vuitton is seasoned AND experienced being used in a children’s dressage lesson program and is a blast to ride! He has wonderful gaits, impulsion, and transitions. One of our favorite things about him is his rocking horse canter. His canter is amazing! He is a great horse to learn dressage on; he will teach you! Safe for a more beginner/amateur type but will step it up for the more advanced rider that wants to show. Not only is he wonderful for dressage, but he is also trained to drive. He is experienced driving as a single and in a pair.

Including excellent X-rays available for review with your vet.
If you are looking for a very well trained under saddle AND for pulling a carriage friesian for sale with 3 far above average gaits, AND potential for upper level dressage AND great on trails AND SUPER family horse AND a real dream horse for a dressage rider, you need to consider Vuitton!!! He is such a gorgeous fairytale boy, with a GREAT mind, LONG hair, and Unbelievably SWEET character.
What a fantastic, high quality mover!!! Long mane, the real fairytale friesian looks with potential for upper level dressage! And three fabulous gaits that makes the world this boy's oyster.

-Very well ridden, goes on the bit automatically, great uphill neck, 3 solid balanced gaits. Extremely willing/always gives his best, eager to learn, uncomplicated/forgiving.

Splendid dressage horse, but also a joy to ride outside on trails by himself or in groups.
Vuitton is  very well driven, alone and in a pair.
Gentle personality, affectionate to people, loves to cuddle, great ground manners.
Talented, Fairytale sweetheart!! Vuitton has it all!! Excellent X-rays!

Vuitton is $45,900 delivered to NY; Chicago and LAX are 2k more.

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