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Teeuwis 389
Friesian Sire


Loadewyk 431
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Coming 6 year old jet black friesian for sale, just OVER 16.2 hands tall and still growing, extremely beautiful friesian!!


Brion already has lots of experience with many different riders at our stable in the Netherlands, you can put every amateur or junior rider on this fairytale looking boy! 


Gentle friendly uncomplicated boy. A joy to ride for a dressage rider, moves like a warmblood, splendid canter! Perfect conformation, long legs, round uphill neck,  little head. Thick long mane, great mover, lots of elasticity. Potential for upper level dressage, willing character, very comfortable to ride, responds on small signals, and has a  soft mouth.

Forgiving, no problem when the rider makes a mistake:)

A collected canter that will give you goosebumps, he can canter forever! He is far above average in every way!! 



This guy will truly take your breath away---he is a real fairytale horse!  With his long thick gorgeous mane and poodle like feathering---he has the WOW factor!

Brion is the real fairytale type of Friesian horse for sale. Not only is he beautiful, but he is ALSO very talented and will steal the show wherever he goes. You will just fall in love with his sweet personality.

His conformation, head and neck are just stunning- he is real perfection. This horse really impressed me in every way! He will turn heads wherever he goes! 

Brion is just gorgeous. He  is short backed which makes him easy to put in a frame. He is very balanced and simple in the bridle; this is an UNCOMPLICATED boy to ride. He is forward thinking and loves to work. He is sensitive to the leg and not a push ride that you constantly have to kick or use a whip on, but also not spooky---he gives the rider a wonderful feeling😊

Never spooky, brave, safe on trails and in traffic.

Lots of patience when he gets groomed, wonderful ground manners.

Friendly personality------ loves to cuddle.

Perfection, a real head turner!!


He already has lots of experience with many different riders--so we can confidently tell you that most anyone can ride this gorgeous black boy! 


Gentle, friendly, uncomplicated boy. A joy to ride for a dressage rider BECAUSE he moves like a warmblood, and has a real rocking horse canter! 

$49,900 delivered to NY as a gelding, Chicago and LAX are 2k more. 

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