Vito - SOLD

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Thorben 466
Friesian Sire


Tymon 456
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

New JET Black Gorgeous Friesian For Sale, meet Vito! Handsome, VERY easy, many different young girls ride Vito currently in a riding school--and he gets along with them ALL; NOT spooky, forgiving, willing to work, and what a FRIENDLY boy! Call Janna for details 415-272-2112. Brand new set of EXCELLENT X-rays available for review with your vet.

We are very proud to present this 5 yr old friesian for sale, birthday 6/25/17. Sired by World Champion Thorben and dam's sire is Tymon with very good ground manners---he is social and friendly with other horses.


Here is a friesian horse for sale that is suitable for dressage, driving, and trail riding.  He has a friendly personality and is an ideal age of 5 yrs.

  We love his conformation; he has extremely good strong movement and is built UPHILL, with a strong hind leg, and a splendid little head with big friendly eyes.  Looking for a friesian that is comfy to sit----??? Vito is your man---- he is as SMOOTH as SILK to ride!!


Vito is regularly taken on trails and in traffic and has been proven to be very safe and brave, NOT spooky. 5-Year-old ALL AROUND Pleasure/Dressage/Driving/Trail Friesian horse For Sale! This is truly a horse that checks all the boxes!

Tons of Potential, DOUBLE TRAINED to Ride AND Drive, Smooth Gaits and So Talented!


If you are looking for a horse that is beautiful, sweet, smooth, brave and talented---you need to take a GOOD look at this JET BLACK boy! You will LOVE him because he is a good thinker, he has fantastic gaits, and is just gorgeous! This boy has an incredible work ethic. He loves any/every job or task you put in front of him, and he is VERY willing! His trot is very easy to sit and he is also light off the aids and light in your hands. Watch the vid of Vito going bareback!

Vito can do many different jobs….. He has lots of experience trail riding and is a very brave boy, and has tons of experience pulling a cart, and would be a super Combined driving horse, because of his conformation and work ethic.  


Here is a reasonably priced friesian for sale, suitable for riding and driving, AND a top mover!!

He really has superb driving foundation, should you like to hook him up and learn to drive:)


......the healthy, beautiful, well trained, good age friesians are rare to find, with the prices going sky high; Vito is a GOOD one!


 Good dressage foundation and trained pulling a carriage. He is forgiving, not spooky, and suitable as an all-around family horse. Great ground manners, suitable for the most riders. 

Complete NEW set of Xrays taken Dec 8, 2021, available for review with your vet---excellent! 

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