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Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands


We are SO excited to offer this INCREDIBLE opportunity to our clients……what an AMAZING Baroque Pinto for sale!!!!

Romeo has the IDEAL oreo look---a perfect combination of black and white, with the true “Friesian” temperament, but has the movement of a warmblood.

This Approved Baroque Pinto is a WOW!!!! His pictures do not do him justice!  He certainly wowed the Dutch Judges at the keuring, scoring on “8” for both his trot AND his step! He easily was tippy top for conformation and movement, and chosen as an APPROVED stallion for the Barockpinto studbook…..although you wouldn’t guess this boy is a stallion, he acts just like a gelding and doesn’t seem to notice the girls😊  We will deliver him  as a gelding.

This 16 hand coming 5 yr old  is a fantastic mover and will steal the show wherever you go because of his unique coloring. This horse is fancy and has the talent to go all the way in dressage.


He is currently competing L2 dressage with winning points (1st-2nd level dressage) and has excellent scores. Coming five years old and he thinks wonderfully, you would think he was an 8 or 10 yr old!  He has a phenomenal temperament and is NOT spooky. He is uncomplicated, not reactive, and is very brave in settings where most horses would want to shy or spin. I just absolutely love this fella’s MIND---he is safe, sane, sound, and his easy-going temperament make him suitable for the less experienced riders.

His gaits are AMAZING. So smooth, so easy to sit. He floats when he moves yet feels like you are sitting on a couch. He has beautiful extension, and excellent hock articulation. His canter is very slow and collected; Romeo is really amazing for his age. His Black Labrador personality is exactly what we look for and Romeo has the talent to excel in the highest levels of dressage. This boy is 164 cm hands tall currently, and STILL GROWING.

Romeo is sensitive to the aids, but sensible, and we currently have him being ridden by different levels of riders.

AND he has the so sought-after SHOW EXPERIENCE, scoring in the 70’s ---Romeo is a QUICK learner, and is moving up the levels quickly!

The quality of this drop dead GORGEOUS boy is not surprising…..because  the Barock Pinto studbook recognized him as the best of the BEST, and made him an approved breeding stallion.  Included in his price is delivery as a gelding (or we will deliver as a stallion with Buyer responsible for required additional 30 days quarantine required for stallions, which runs $6k-$7500.)

Romeo truly has the look and temperament of a Friesian combined with a little bit of pizzaz, AND fantastic movement and agility, which will make Romeo suitable for a variety of disciplines. Our pictures do not do him justice-----he is just STUNNING and a RARE FIND.

Whether your passion is dressage, trail riding, western, huntseat,  driving, or just owning a ONE OF A KIND magnificent baroque pinto, Romeo is certain to bring a smile to your face!!  He is EASY to ride and sit, loves to work, and has excellent 3rd party verification regarding his talent , as indicated by  his “Approved stallion” status with the BarockPinto studbook, AND his excellent dressage show record, whereby he has consistently done what is required in new settings under different Judges.  He isn’t just a great horse under saddle, but he is also trained to drive as a single, in a pair, and in a 4 in hand.


Romeo comes with a full set of excellent xrays available for review with your vet, taken 3/23/20, and a brand new pre purchase physical exam, with flexion testing and lameness exam, done specifically for YOU at your time of purchase.


Call Janna at 415-272-2112 to find out more about this easy to ride, super sweet gorgeous baroque boy with spots!

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