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Hette 481
Friesian Sire


Onne 376
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

FAIRYTALE FRIESIAN---Beckham is the kind of horse DREAMS are made of!


6 yrs old


167 cm, 16.2 hands, and already a gelding.


Beckham is super sweet, calm, and gentle.  Appropriate for even the less experienced riders.  AND already thoroughly vetted and xrayed; x-rays available for review with your vet.


He is double trained to ride AND drive as a  single, in a pair, and in a 4 in hand.


If you are looking for a GORGEOUS companion for pleasure riding, and taking on the trails---- Beckham BSF is sure to turn heads!


motherline is impeccable:




Beckham is a Sporty Fairytale Gelding!!  With tons of hair.

 He is good to handle, ridden on trails and could be very competitive in dressage or driving, should you want to go down that path.  Beckham is not a lazy boy, he LIKES to work. but he is also 100% SAFE.

This teddy bear friesian that likes to give hugs has been ridden by amateurs for the past several years, but is talented enough to go far with a professional, and SAFE enough for my partner's 8 yr old daughter to take lesson's on.

He is easy to ride and comfortable to sit, we LOVE his uphill canter. It's a "10"!!! He is also not lazy, no whips or spurs needed:) Zero spook. Beckham will not disappoint you. We are sure of that!


He is the kind of gelding that will be IDEAL for not only the competitive dressage rider, but also anyone wanting the MOST BEAUTIFUL horse on earth, for use in parades, exhibitions, horse camping and all day trail rides or adventures on horseback. 


The kind of horse that can become your best friend. This is a horse that will GET YOU NOTICED:)


If you are looking for a RARE, hard to find, fairytale looking Friesian that is FANCY, has beautiful long hair, and balanced floaty gaits--Beckham is your man. He is versatile, sound, and fun to ride!!


And he certainly has ster potential, although he was never tried.

Born 4/22/15, Beckham has a low in breeding co-efficient of 1.37%.


If you like HAIR, look no further, Beckham has a forelock down past his nose!!!

He has never had any health or soundness issues whatsoever.

This boy is ready to be someone's new BEST FRIEND.


Not too many friesians look like Beckham, OR have a rocking horse canter like him!!  $46,900 delivered to NY. LAX and Chicago are 2k more.


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