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Omer 493
Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

EXTRA SPECIAL Friesian with amazing movement and elasticity----NOT easy to find, but BSF is proud to be able to offer one of the BEST MOVING Friesian ster stallions in Europe (will deliver as ster gelding), Coming 5 yrs old. 16.2 hands.


This boy truly IS the most spectacular moving friesian I have seen in a LONG TIME!!


Just take a look at Cristobal’s hind leg----he practically hits his belly, he is AMAZING. Coming 5 yrs old and already going First Level dressage, training Second level. 


We will castrate him prior to import, and he is also already STER, but in my opinion, with his FULL PEDIGREE:
Ster- Krown AA-Ster-Ster

....he could also be a candidate to take for stallion approval, if you want to spend the extra 7k to import him as a stallion.


He was xrayed in 2019 for the stallion show. 

 Cristobal isn't just a superb riding and driving horse, he is also consistently well behaved out on the trails!


He is also a SUPERB driving horse. PHENOMENAL mover, but good thinking, hence appropriate for most riders.  VERY well behaved. No vices.

  Bday 4/30/17


---- I don’t think this one will last.  With his active hind leg and free shoulders,  Cristobal is the kind of Friesian with SUPERIOR movement, that can literally go ALL THE WAY.


If you are looking for a younger horse WITH the so sought after EXPERIENCE---he has done an ABFP test AND competed in the Pavo, and he is tall----you need to take a look at Cris.

Superior movement: that means above all: elasticity and suspension GALORE, pushing active hind legs and free shoulders with reach......just LOOK AT HIS PHOTOS ABOVE!!!!


We love the fact that Cristobal has been ridden correctly, and brought along slowly and methodically.


Good rideability and trainability. For upper level aspirations, its important that you have a horse that loves working and puts in the effort willingly, which Cristobal is HAPPY to do for YOU. 



In short, Cristobal's hind leg is SO ACTIVE, we have rarely seen anything like this! Especially given  how sweet and well behaved Cristobal is---he truly IS a good for all level's of riders kind of friesian for sale, with SPECTACULAR MOVEMENT! 


This is an exceptional horse in every way, and an excellent VALUE.


He is $49,900 delivered to NY as a STER gelding. LAX and Chicago are 2k more.

Buying Price:


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