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Bikkel 470
Friesian Sire


Mintse 384
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

NEW 2nd level Dressage STER Gelding For Sale!

LONG Hair----just check out this boy's REAL fairytale looks!!

Competing M2 Dressage in Europe!

168 cm TALL, which translates into 16.2 hands TALL:)


And he is 5 yrs old and ster, which means the Dutch judges decided his conformation and movement are considered tippy top 10% of all friesians! 

And it doesn't stop there......Alexei STER has a nice full pedigree, with lots of "sport predicates"  in it! And he has that very long hair EVERYONE wants. 

Alexei does dressage and riding outside everyday, and doesn't bat an eye with the loud tractors building a new barn next door.  This friesian gelding is a good worker, not lazy, also not too "hot, and  also very suitable for a beginner---just watch the vids of his rider riding him with NO REINS!!

If you are looking for a Super sweet, gentle, kind friesian STER gelding----you have found him----with a fairytale appearance, in Alexei STER! 


Alexei is quite accustomed to being used to riding outside on trails by himself.


He has 3 good gaits, and a beautiful head,  friendly eyes, and he  loves cuddling!!

We hope you like beauty parlor sessions-----because this 5 yr old 16.2 hand gorgeous jet black hunk has a LOT of HAIR!


Good xrays taken May 5, 2021 and available for review with your vet.


It's not often that we are able to offer friesians with such excellent 3rd party verification, like Alexei---he has 3rd party verification that he is tippy top re: conformation and movement, and hence crowned STER, AND he is currently actively competing in M2 level dressage (2nd level) and scoring in the high 60's and 70's, with winning points to PROVE that he is doing what is required  to be a top contender as a sporthorse!


This guy will truly take your breath away---he is a real fairytale horse!  With his long thick gorgeous mane, he has the WOW factor! He is a TOP quality horse with the BEST movement and his high dressage scores at the recent dressage competitions prove what an amazing sport horse he is! He is ready for his new life in the USA.  Alexei STER is truly a dream horse, LONG HAIR, Gorgeous fluffy feathering and wow does he have the looks with SUPERB gaits!  He is experienced on trails, in traffic and has a winning show record in 2nd level dressage. 

Alexei is just gorgeous. He is 16.2 hands, 5 1/2 years old and short backed which makes him easy to put in a frame. He is very balanced and simple in the bridle. He is forward thinking and loves to work AND he is sensitive to the leg and is not a push ride, but also EASY to sit and uncomplicated---check out the video where the rider drops the reins! 


Alexei is the real fairytale type friesian for sale that not only is beautiful, but is also very talented,  and will steal your heart. You will  fall in love with his sweet personality. His conformation is tippy top 10%, hence his STER predicate rating; his head and neck are just stunning- he is real perfection. This horse really is impressive, and VERY comfortable in his gaits-----READ: easy to sit! 

Alexei is a good choice for a lot of riders, and also has potentional for more.   

He is not hot and not slow......... here is a  nice horse for everyone, and he won't last long at THIS price, with his good looks and GREAT personality. 


Alexei is currently competing in M2 with points----lots of times winning TOP prizes; he is training 3rd level and travels easily and is  very sweet in the stable. No vices.


Call Janna at 415-272-2112 if you would like me to take this hunka hunka off the market for YOU!  Alexei is $42,900 delivered to NY; LAX and Chicago are 2k more.


No texts, please. I like to get to know my customers:)

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