Nova Krown AA - Sale Pending

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Nova Krown AA


Friesian Sire


Thomas 327
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

RARE Opportunity to Acquire a 3rd level Dressage KROON Friesian Mare!
Tall-16.1 hands
Has had 2 Foals, once now a ster mare.

We are INCREDIBLY proud to be able to offer this stunning KROWN AA friesian mare for sale!! 

Nova KROWN AA is a very very nice 9 year old Kroon mare with full paper:


She is around 166 cm tall, which is 16.1 hands.


Nova is a FIVE TIME 1st premie winner at the keurings---very very close to being MODEL!!:)  Yes, that's right, the Dutch Judges awarded this HIGH QUALITY friesian mare for sale a 1st premie not once or twice, but FIVE times!!!

This is excellent 3rd party verification of her tippy TOP quality and movement!

Her record at keurings is 2nd to none:

1st premium as a yearling

1st premium as a two year old

1st premium as a three year old and made Kroon

1st premium as a four year old mare, and champion of the keuring/show in Oosterland

At the age of 7 she got a 1st premium again!!

She is a very sweet and beautiful mare.


My partner in Holland has trained and competed her since she was 5 year old. Nova started at B level (Introductory Level) and now she has the points to start Z1 (3rd level dressage).

She is such a pleasure to work with.

Always very willing to work, never a lazy day without being spooky or hotheaded.

Nova KROWN AA will really be missed at her current stable!!!! 


She had two foals. When she was 5 years old she had her first foal sire by Nane and at the age of 6 she had her second foal (another Nane mare that is now a Star mare and also TWO TIMES 1st Premie).

She not only has the SO SOUGHT after show experience, moving up the levels in dressage, she is also very nice for trail riding.

And of course she is a BLAST to show!

She has been out in the field at her breeders place the entire last year---enjoying a covid year off! The pictures under saddle in the forest were made just last weekend, so you can see exactly how she looks RIGHT NOW---- after a year off in the pasture----she is an AMAZING Ftriesian mare for sale.

We think she just needs a bit of training to get a bit more muscles again, after her (covid) year relaxing in the tall grass of the north of holland, and then she is ready to hit the competition ring again in Z level (3rd level), OR be an awesome pleasure/family/trail horse for you........:)

She really always does her best, and considering she has been out in a field 24/7 for almost a year--we think she looks GREAT!!

This horse  really is a dream to work with. SOOOOOO well trained, even after NOT being ridden for a year, he has not forgotten a thing.  ROCK SOLID dressage foundation with 10 points in M2 dressage.


AND not only does Nova KROWN have 10 winning points in M2 dressage herself, and a IBOP score of 77,  her mother's mother was an AMAZING performance horse who competed under saddle 1st level dressage with high scores AND also  competed 4th level dressage driving with 7 winning points.  And it doesnt stop there, her mother's mother's mother also has a winning show record under saddle in dressage. Nova comes from a long lineage of PERFORMANCE driven mares, that produce RESULTS, both in their offspring AND win blue ribbons in competition:)

Watch her video--- she had not been ridden for a year and last week my partner just put a saddle on her and it was like they had never stopped riding together!…..

GREAT charachter, absolutely suitable for less experienced riders.


B-day: 1/28/12


Reg # 201200026


Dries X Thomas

Nova Krown AA is $38,900 delivered to NY or $40,900 to Chicago or LAX.  Not included, the 15 day cem quarantine required of mares, at the facility of your choice (prices range $1400-$2600. 


Call 415-272-2112 for Details!

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