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Pier 448
Friesian Sire


Folkert 353
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Big gelding, Dane, is a SPECIAL BUY, and boy is he a GOOD one, with his big gaits:) 


His Father is the approved stallion, Pier. 


He stands 169-170cm high----which translates to 16.3 hands TALL, and he has a dropdead gorgeous head and a beautiful arched neck.  

He also has a nice full pedigree, with a lot of sport predicates in it! 

Dane does dressage and is good at it!  He is a good worker and moves easily off your seat and aids.


Ohh, and did we mention, he is SUPER handsome!!! 

 He has good gaits with a big walk, active trot and a nice easy canter.....and a good hindleg. 


We love his beautiful head and friendly eyes.  He has a shiny coat, poodle like feathering, and nice hair. 

Comes with a recent set of GOOD xrays and pre purchase exam. 

This sweet friesian for sale is an excellent choice for a lot of riders and also has potential for higher levels. 

He is not hot, and not slow; light in the bridle and smooth to sit.  


Dane has the SO sought after SHOW EXPERIENCE in M1 level dressage with 4 points (2nd level dressage with proven scores above 62%).  


This handsome boy has a few white hairs on his forehead (which is allowed by the KFPS). 

He is super friendly and FUN to ride---it's next to impossible to find friesians that have "been there/done  that" and are the IDEAL age of 7 yrs old and TALL, well bred, and good on vetcheck and xrays, AND under 40k----dont miss this well trained 2nd level dressage boy with show experience---once he is gone, i wont have another one to replace him, in his price bracket!


Price includes import and delivery to NY.


Chicago and LAX flights are 2k more.

Buying Price:


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