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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Oepke 266
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands
RARE opportunity to acquire a REASONABLY priced fairytale looking friesian mare for sale that is TALL, 167 cm to be exact, with the soooo sought after dressage show record scoring above 62% in 3rd level dressage (without changes), AND has the temperament that makes her suitable for ANYONE!!! That's right, even your grandma can ride this gorgeous gal, with the presence of a stallion.
FULL PEDIGREE chalk full of ster predicates:
mother is STER, grandmother is ster+preferent, great grand mother is MODEL+Pref +Prest, and Gr Gr Grandmother is STER + Pref! Can't get any better than that!
Sired by the very famous and well respected Onne sport, who is sired by the incomparable LEFFERT SPORT Pref.
Watch the Videos of this tall athletic mare ------they pretty much speak for themselves. She REALLY is a well trained mare that can do it all.
Take her to the beach by yourself and ride through crashing waves. No problem!
Have your 78 yr old grandchildren ride her double. No problem!
Drive her, pulling your fancy carriage. No problem!
Enter her at your local dressage show, and take home the blue ribbon. No problem!
Hilde SPORT has acquired the highly coveted and hard to obtain SPORT predicate, which means she has show extensively in dressage and moved up the levels from Training level, to First Level, to Second Level, to Third Level, consistently scoring ABOVE 62% in each level, and accruing 10 winning points in each level, before being allowed to progress to the next level. She now has 5 winning points in Z level, which is 3rd level dressage, and has earned the prestigious SPORT predicate---VERY FEW mares have obtained this coveted predicate!!!
She is what trainers would call a SCHOOLMASTER---bombproof, and can teach newcomers to the sport the intricacies, which are impossible to acquire from a young or green horse. Walk to canter transitions are flawless, as are lateral movements, and she goes equally well in a snaffle, as she does in a full bridle. Half pass? Just use your seat and aids---Hilde responds and is as effortless and push button as they come.
Sold with a brand new thorough pre purchase exam done specifically for YOU, at your time of purchase--this talented EXPERIENCED well trained friesian for sale will NOT last at this price.
And did we mention that everyone that walks by her stall thinks she is a stallion? She has super LONG hair and has that stallion presence very FEW mares possess!
Hilde SPORT is a rare one indeed.
Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for details on how to acquire this 16.2 hand friesian SPORT mare sired by the approved stallion Onne SPORT.
$37,900 delivered t o JFK. Add $2k to price tag for import to LAX or Chicago.

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