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Teeuwis 389
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

What a nice ALL AROUND Friesian gelding for sale.....

165cm  (which is 16.1 hands tall) And 10 Years old 

Nice full pedigree, with sports' predicates in it!


Thierry does dressage, in fact he has points in M level dressage, which is 2nd level, which means he is scoring ABOVE 65% consistently, under various Judges in different settings, and coming out ON TOP! Some horses are spooky outside, NOT Thierry, riding outside with the wind howling is no problem; he is a good worker! 


Super sweet gentle kind friesian for sale who is used to riding in all types of environments,  with lots of experience on the trails!!!! 

GREAT gaits. 


Beautifull head and friendly eyes; loves cuddling.

Nice LONG hair.

Good xrays, available for review with your vet.

This gorgeous well trained boy is great for a lot of riders and also has potentional for higher levels of dressage.

Not hot, and not slow. Nice horse for riders that want a SUPER friesian for sale that doesnt need a whip and spurs---Thierry is 2nd level dressage and responds to your aids:)



Competed in M level (2nd level dressage) with excellent scores (5 winning points in M level) and travels easily in the trailer by himself,  and in the stable he has ZERO vices---you couldnt ask for a sweeter horse!!!! 

You won't find a nicer, full pedigree with tons of SPORT predicates in it, EXPERIENCED friesian gelding for sale. Thierry is a SUPER sweet gentle kind soul.


We love his EASY to sit gaits----excellent for those of you with back problems!

And its hard to take your eyes off his beautiful head and friendly eyes----this gentle black giant truly loves cuddling!!!


Comes with a thorough physical pre purchase exam done specifically FOR YOU, at your time of purchase, as well as a set of good xrays already taken and available for review with your vet.

Thierry is suitable for a wide variety of levels of riders and also has potential for higher levels of dressage---the sky is the limit for this talented boy with 3 EXCELLENT gaits!

Not hot and not slow. Thierry is a nice horse for riders with little experience. 


He has RARE show experience, having competed successfully in 2nd level dressage!!! This Black Labrador friesian boy travels easily in the trailer, loading with no problem and standing for hours, tied to the horse trailer. In the stable, he is very sweet, exhibiting no bad habits or vices, and is an EASY keeper. 

 He absolutely LOVES hugs and cuddling.  Thierry is very nice to ride because he is the perfect amount of forward. Never too lazy and not too forward for an amateur type rider. He also has a wonderful smooth, canter and is excellent transitions and leg yields.


Thierry learns things very quickly and has lots of talent. Very eager to learn. He moves off the hand and leg very easily. He is very comfortable to ride, he is not lofty at all. Great if you have lower back problems…… You will have a BLAST on him!

This 10 yr old friesian with a winning show record in 2nd level dressage and TONS of experience in all kinds of settings is certian to NOT last.

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