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Eise 489
Friesian Sire


Meinse 439
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

4 years old ster stallion (we will deliver as a gelding). 

Long hair

Good X-rays.

Santino gave an EXCEPTIONAL performance both riding AND driving in a  ABFP test and scored a fantastic 77.5 and 78.5 points!  This earned him the HIGHLY coveted AA designation, as well as his STER predicate, indicating he is tippy top 10% for conformation and movement! In the riding test, young Santino scored an "8" for his canter/gallop!!!!  That is almost unheard of for a young friesian!!!

Here is a Very sweet STER stallion, with no stallion behavior at all. FYI, we castrate 99% of our horses prior to import (all included in the purchase price) because most people prefer geldings, AND dont necessarily want to pay the extra 7k for the  30 day stallion quarantine. 


Santino is currently going First Level and is Easy and light to ride, and VERY good in traffic.


Ready to take you into competition at Training/First Level. 


Impeccable pedigree:



 Trained to ride AND drive, GOOD THINKING with zero spook, AND has already acquired the highly coveted STER AND AA Predicates and designation. Santino STER AA is a rare gem! Here is a coming 5 year old friesian, 16 hands, with luxurious hair, gorgeous build, talent for carriage, saddleseat or dressage. And such a sweet, kind, giving horse, Santino WANTS to please his rider.
Santino is one of the easiest horses to ride in the barn AND he is only 4 1/2 years old---- this is testament to his CHARACTER! He is SO HONEST. He moves right off your leg, with smooth transitions, and has a wonderful canter --scoring an "8" in the ABFP test! It is difficult NOT to smile when on the back of Santino, he is just so easy to ride because of his professional training both under saddle, and pulling a carriage.


Here is an elegant sport horse that is a beautiful mover with nice extended strides; he has that lofty knee action that friesians are so well known for, and a lovely 3 beat canter. Santino is super friendly, he loves people and has no vices whatsoever. He gets along well with other horses, and has an excellent dressage foundation. Santino is a versatile horse...we think he could clean up in competitions, but he is just as comfortable being a pleasure/trail companion, and he is SAFE in traffic----watch him stand, while cars zip by, while in harness on a busy road! Ideal for exhibitions, parades, costume classes, showing, or just pleasure riding or hacking out on the trail. Santino STER is suitable for a confident beginner, and yet has talent enough for a professional.


Santino STER has a GREAT xray report from the stallion show, and comes with a brand new pre purchase exam.  He is ready for his new forever home.

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