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Tsjalke 397
Friesian Sire


Tsjerk 328
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

RARE opportunity to acquire an FEI Superstar!

Has acquired the highly coveted STER AND SPORT predicates!!!

And watch the vids of him trail riding:)  This boy can do it all for you. 


He has been first at the competitions so many times----we lost count!

He was 3rd in the zz-licht of the dutch championships for Friesians.

AND he was in the friesian proms exhibition.

Currently with winning points in ZZ Heavy (Prix St George)


B-day 4/10/12

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to acquire a Prix St George Level Friesian, that has been brought up slowly and methodically, with the VERY BEST dressage foundation and training a horse could possibly receive!!  Rocco STER SPORT is a beautiful and well-bred SPORT Friesian for sale, with a pedigree full of proven sport bloodlines on both sides.  He is an expressive mover, with three good gaits, a wonderful friendly personality, and unbeatable trainability. Rocco has had a very successful dressage career, quickly and successfully moving up the levels. He has a lovely temperament and fantastic trainability. 

On the ground he is friendly and quiet and very well behaved.  Under saddle he has an incredible work ethic and focus, making him a joy to train.  He's smart and willing, with a disposition amateur and professionals would equally appreciate!


This is one RARE find!! It’s not often that we are able to acquire PRIX ST GEORGE level Friesians, and we will deliver Rocco as a stallion OR a gelding--- your choice!  Also trained to drive as a youngster, now ONLY 9 yrs. old and we have turned his focus into being the BEST DRESSAGE SPORTHORSE around.  This is one EASY GOING Friesian for sale--he adjusts himself to his rider---not a spooky/hot/hard to handle guy.


Rocco has not been used for breeding in Europe, and we will deliver as a gelding---this is a CHAMPION sporthorse that excels at anything he puts his mind to!


Rocco was measured by the Dutch Judges as 166 cm (16.1 hands tall), and has winning points in ZZ Heavy in Europe (Prix St George, requiring changes every THREE strides, in the U.S.) 

If you are looking for a REAL DRESSAGE SCHOOLMASTER, here he is!!!

Rocco is a PRO... he does flying changes in his sleep, and can teach YOU the art and finesse of dressage.   This is a horse EVERYONE can ride----one rider that has ridden him in a lot of shows and exhibitions says EVERYBODY can ride this sweet boy; he is really CALM and easygoing, no matter the setting! 


Rocco has an AMAZING Show Record!!!!

Which is EXCELLENT  3rd party verification, this horse MUST be doing what is required of each dressage level, or he would not be allowed to move up.  In Europe, horses ridden by amateurs must score at least 60% in a level to earn a winning points, and they cannot move up to the next level until they have reached 10 points in a particular level. AND points are taken away when a horse scores BELOW a certain level!  Rocco has accrued an AMAZING show record for his MERE 9 yrs., moving up from 3rd level to 4th level, and now scoring over 60% in Prix St George.  Proof in the pudding, under NUMEROUS Dutch Judges, in numerous settings, and with various riders, this friesian for sale DELIVERS the goods, consistently, with numerous riders.

He exhibited and was asked to do Shows/Exhibitions at Big shows in Europe. 

He was selected to be part of the hugely popular Friesian proms show, performing in front of SOLD OUT crowds at the stallion show with live music/orchestra, which is where we first fell in love with him. 


Then corona virus hit, and all competitions were canceled, which is the main reason i was fortunate enough to be able to acquire this powerhouse:)

 Rocco was just thorough radiographed, and xrays are available for review with your vet.

Price includes full set of xrays, a brand new thorough pre purchase exam, and import and quarantine as a gelding to NY (Buyer responsible for 30-day cem quarantine if you prefer he be imported as stallion). Import to Chicago and LAX are 2k more.


This is one AMAZING PRIX ST GEORGE friesian for sale---only every 20 years, do i come across a gem like Rocco STER and SPORT, that does NOT cost 6 figures, when under 10 yrs old.

Rocco STER & SPORT is a RARE Prix St George Dressage Schoolmaster, with LONG hair, and an easy going temperament. He is very calm in nearly every situation. 


He is not lazy, so you don't have to constantly prod or kick but also not hot. 


Intermediate riders currently ride Rocco, no problem, inside and outside,  as well as on  trail rides!

For a novice rider, Rocco is 100% is suitable and will help teach YOU dressage!


If you want the BEST, here he is!

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