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Epke 474
Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

If you are looking for a tall, GOOD THINKING, EXTRA talented friesian----you have found YOUR forever friesian in DOETSE!!


You can really get a good idea of just how tolerant he is, by watching the video---- they are doing major construction with bulldozers next to the arena where he is being ridden, and he just listens to his rider, completed unbothered by all the noise!  Most horses would come completed UNHINGED with bulldozers next door!


If you are looking for a WONDERFUL all around tall friesian for both dressage AND trails-----you will LOVE Doetse. Our Grand Prix dressage rider thinks this TALL young 4 yr old boy has what it takes to go all the way in dressage! And Doetse had a thorough pre purchase exam and full set of xrays in Jun 2021, and the vet agrees---nothing holding this boy back from being YOUR superstar!

Excellent Xrays---no fragments or chips!  And thorough PPE, all available for review with your vet.

FANTASTIC Movement & Conformation

VERY Handsome!!!!!


Potential for HIGHER Levels in Dressage:)


Doetse is really a talented boy for dressage---3 SUPERB gaits. He has a chiseled head and a beautiful neck. 

And a nice full pedigree, with the sport predicate all through it!  Motherline is textbook PERFECT:


Its no wonder Doetse is destined to be an athletic superstar, his sire, Epke, has acquired the SPORT predicate, as does his dam's sire, Doaitsen.

Birthdate: Mar 22, 2017  Low inbreeding 2.15%

He is already 1st level dressage and goes for long trail rides outside.  We love the fact that Doetse is a good worker ---he WANTS to please his rider!

What a super handsome jet black boy that will have fairytale LONG hair. 


We love his WAY above average  gaits: big walk; he has an active walk,  nice easy canter, with a good hindleg in his trot. 


Beautiful head and friendly eyes. 

Nice thick mane and tail.

Already thoroughly xrayed, available for review w/ your vet. 

Doetse is a GREAT choice for a lot of riders, because he is uncomplicated and safe, and yet he  also has potential to achieve the  higher levels!

This sweetheart is not hot and not slow. He is responsive, smooth, and willing.


AND  Doetse is light in the bridle and smooth to sit.  You will LOVE your time in the saddle on this  Black Labrador horse!

$43,900 delivered to NY as a gelding. $45,900 to Chicago or LAX.


Buying Price:


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