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Friesian Sire


Mewes 438
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Sired by Markus 491, champion of the young approved KFPS-stallions in 2016, and out of a STER mare by Mewes 438, also a champion sire! With all STER dams in his pedigree and with WORLD champion sires Markus 491, Mewes 438 AND Folkert 353, it is no surprise that Emilio is a stunning gelding and a fantastic mover!

Emilio was born in 2017, so he is coming 5 years old. But that does not bother him in his behavior and experience. This Friesian gelding for sale truly does it all and shows great confidence in whatever he is doing and with whoever is guiding him!

He is ready to compete in First Level dressage and loves to go out on a trail rides. With his charming, friendly and willing character,  he is a joy to be in his company. Running free in the arena or out in the paddock---- he loves to play around and catch someones attention to play with him.


Under saddle, Emilio has very nice and roomy gaits with lots of tact and suspension. His walk is long and powerful, his trot is easy to sit and to collect and extend. His canter is strong and SMOOTH. Emilio is trained in a friendly and consequent way in which he shows lots of confidence in his rider and he loves to learn new things. Currently, Emilio is trained at L Level (1st level dressage). He respends easily to your leg.

Emilio can be taken on trail rides with other horses OR just by himself!!!

We castrated Emilio when he was 3 yrs old, so he has NO stallion behavior about him whatsoever!  He is VERY EASY and relaxed in all settings. He is  ridden under saddle 3-4 times a week currently in a riding school with children, and he remains relaxed--no matter how much the rider on top pf him is bouncing! 


Emilio is relaxed with the farrier or vet and is easy to load on a trailer and truck by himself.

Emilio is a very talented and GORGEOUS uphill built friesian for sale!  He has 3 very good gaits and a solid dressage foundation.... Here is a very classy boy!

AND he is an IDEAL age, with fantastic movements, and a wonderful disposition. His conformation is very correct, long neck with a well structured, strong back, and UPHILL UPHILL UPHILL. Slender legs and a beautiful, sculpted face. He stands at 16.1 hands. He is of the sport build, which is much desired now.

Emilio's movements are strong, elastic and elevated. He is well under himself and has good balance. He gives great power from his hind end with good extension.

And he is used to traffic and the wide outdoors. He has not only wonderful gaits that are EASY to sit and is a pleasure to ride, but he is also not at all spooky---really a good thinking boy. We like Emilio because he has a good nature and a good heart. He is willing to work and has the potential to be a top sport horse, or a one of a kind pleasure/trail horse! He is not lazy...no spurs or whips needed! And he is a SWEET, gentle, kind, giving horse. And he has a SUPERB pedigree behind him.

This one WILL NOT LAST, call NOW!


He was thoroughly vetted and xrayed in January, 2021, and radiographs are available for review with your vet.

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