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Bartele 472
Friesian Sire


Meinse 439
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

This is One in a MILLION friesian for sale, 16.1 3/4 hands TALL and still growing, and a HEART OF GOLD. Haike is a VERY special boy with upper level potential for your consideration.....He already rides AND drives, goes to the beach, and is VERY sweet and cooperative/easy to handle!

We are very excited about this special guy. He is extremely talented with a remarkable work ethic, AND a reasonable price tag. Not only is he extremely talented and posesses a real eagerness to please, he is a real stunner to look at, and riders just cant stop smiling when they are on his back!  He is a clean slate----willing and eager to learn YOUR way!

 If you are looking for a once in a lifetime fairytale Friesian that is ALSO reasonably priced, Haike is YOUR MAN!


He is incredibly easy to sit, and quick to try and please his rider/handler.

  He is currently 3 years old, birthday is april 15, 2018,  and he truly is a gorgeous, 167 cm tall, beautiful built boy with a VERY long mane and a thick tail, UPHILL build, and a stellar work ethic.  He is very sweet and easy to handle---Here is a horse that is just so nice to work with, EVERYONE falls in love with him. He ALSO has such elastic movements!! TALENT TALENT TALENT!! Pretty amazing extended trot

Haike is EXCEPTIONALLY SWEET and people oriented.  He will stand perfectly still for LONG grooming sessions---which he will need, as he has LONG THICK HAIR!!! He LOVES trails and beach rides, not just arena work.

 He truly is a once in a lifetime kind of horse, with a reasonable price tag.

IMPECCABLE PEDIGREE with unbroken ster predicate: KROON AAA-Ster-Ster+Pref-STER+Pref


Do you remember Dagmar, the VERY sweet, bombproog pregnant Kroon mare we recently imported to Washington state??? Haike is  our Kroon mare's son!!


LOW 2.54% inbreeding

He is elastic in the trot, super soft in your hand with just a snaffle, and moves right off your leg. 

Haike is $31,900 delivered to NY as a gelding (or pay an extra $7k for the 30 day cem stallion quarantine and we are happy to delver him as a stallion).

Lax and Chicago are 2k more for airfare for ALL horses.


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