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Friesian Sire


Epke 474
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16 1/2 hands

Soraya is a tall and really good-looking black friesian mare for sale with a lot of mane. She is well built, has an expressive head and good movement. Soraya is double trained to ride AND drive.


AND she is a sweet mare to handle. She is around 164 cm---OVER 16 1/2 hands, which is TALL for a mare that is still growing!!!


Soraya comes with a breeding to the stallion of YOUR choice, in europe, before her import, if you like! 


Are you looking for a FANTASTIC mare that is the perfect family horse? A horse that the whole family can enjoy AND can give you impeccably bred Friesian foals in the years to come? We are very proud to offer this special girl to our clients! Sweet Soraya is a double trained to ride AND drive Friesian mare for sale that has a solid dressage foundation and will be an excellent addition to your family for trail riding and carriage driving.


Soraya really has a heart of gold! She will give you hugs and loves to be adored! She is really the type of horse that is PEOPLE ORIENTED.


Soraya is VERY gentle, respectful, and never pushy. She is young, yet not spooky, no bucking or rearing or bad behavior.  She is UNCOMPLICATED! She has an exceptionally smooth trot, and an incredible canter! She is like sitting on a comfy couch.


We are most impressed by Soraya because of her excellent temperament and great brain. She does not have a lengthy dressage show record---no need to pay for that, if you don’t need it! We really love Soraya because she is very easy going yet she will give you her all, AND she can give you foals worth half her purchase price!


Soraya is a great all-around mare and would make the perfect family horse. She is very loving and sweet. She is the type that will bond with her person and will do anything for you. She is just a LOVE, with an IMPECCABLE FULL pedigree, with unbroken ster predicates throughout.

Soraya’s father is the approved stallion, Markus 491. Mar

Markus 491 is magnificent. He is known for his beautiful, sculptured head and neck and his powerful, elastic movement as well as his perfect conformation. We can see his quality in Soraya!


Soraya has excellent conformation with a muscular build.  She is just beautiful and a doll to work with. If you are looking for a mare that you can do dressage with, trail ride or be your lifetime companion and best friend- look no further---Soraya is an EXCELLENT choice!


AND, for a limited time ONLY, we are offering Soraya as an incredible 2 for 1 deal…. YOU choose the approved stallion in Europe you would like her bred to, and for $34,900 delivered to NY, we will deliver this gorgeous gal BRED TO THE STALLION OF YOUR CHOICE!

Soraya is a tall and good-looking black Friesian mare for sale with a lot of mane. She is well built, has an expressive head and good movement. She is double trained to ride AND drive and is a sweet mare to handle. She is 164 cm tall and still growing. This Markus x Epke mare has a full paper and is ready to go to her new forever home.  Just let us know if you would like Soraya to fly into NY, Chicago, or LAX. Soraya is $32,900 delivered to JFK; Chicago, Canada and LAX are 2k more. 


AND she is a fantastic opportunity for an incredible 2 for 1 mare---- add $2k and we will deliver Soraya bred to the approved stallion of YOUR choice!

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