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Alwin 469
Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Christian has a soft gentle character. He responds to small signals, is willing and friendly;  such a good temperament!!! 

Boy, is he Light in his Movement. 


You will fall in LOVE with this GORGEOUS 5 year old 16.3 hand stunning friesian for sale!!  Christian has EXTREME HAIR, and he is a  great big mover, splendid head, no stallion behavior at all (we will deliver as a gelding).....Christian is more beautiful than most approved stallions!

Solid dressage training, brave outside, safe on trails and in traffic.
Uncomplicated, gentle character, willing. Christian always gives a 100%!!
Recent X-rays available for review with your vet.

We are  THRILLED to offer this easy to ride, LONG haired, sweet, gorgeous boy!!!!


I am personally extremely  excited about this special horse. Christian is talented, sweet and a blast to ride.  Alwin x Doaitsen--- 5 years old, the world is truly this boy's oyster and Christian is an amazing LONG haired JET BLACK boy, already with a solid dressage foundation!! He is forward and does not require a spur or a whip! He loves to work and FLOATS when he moves....

Christian has a bright future ahead of him in the dressage arena or doing exhibitions or just going for a trail ride and have everyone stop and look at this Fancy young boy! He comes with a full set of recent X-Rays and a brand new physical PPE exam, done specifically for the Buyer.

Just like the designer, we cannot say a bad thing about Christian Dior. If you have exquisite taste you will LOVE Christian!!!!

Its not everyday that we find such a talented, with solid riding and driving training, flashy Friesians for sale.  He is a GOOD ONE. Affectionately called "Christian"..... what a kind boy.

He has a beautiful head and neck and has the sweetest personality. We have been hard at work to find a sweet boy just like him,  this one wont last! He has been trail ridden, and is easy to ride---appropriate for a novice or amateur rider, or child. He would be suitable for an older rider that has had a bad experience, and the best thing of all..... he is gorgeous!!

We were so impressed by Christian's sweet demeanor and his experience with traffic and on the trails, at a mere 5 yrs of age! He will make a wonderful family horse, he is a very easy keeper  and loves his outside time.

This is truly a no-nonsense type of horse! We have so many customers looking for horses just like Christian... friesians with his temperament and looks are in high demand!!

  This boy is not spooky at all and loves to work.


Please let us know where you prefer  this marvelous  LONG curly haired friesian for sale to fly into? 

Price includes import as a gelding to NY.  Miami, Chicago, Canada, or Mexico are 2k more. 

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