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Wolfert 467
Friesian Sire


Nanno 372
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Don't miss this RARE opportnity to acquire a BEAUTIFUL LONG Haired 8 year old 3 premium KFPS/FHANA registered FRIESIAN mare,  16.1 hands tall!

Paloma is a great strong mover, beautiful conformation, and an uphill round neck.

You will get lost in her big friendly eyes, and adore her splendid little head.  And let's not forget---this gal has MORE HAIR than most STALLIONS!!!!!!

Mega long thick manes!!!

Paloma has a lovely friendly character, and is a joy to ride!!!

  She goes on the bit automatically, and has a soft mouth.

People with a bad back will appreciate her wonderful balanced gaits, as she is  comfortable to sit.  BSF is proud to offer such a  good-looking and well trained,  imported mare. She is a Studbook mare that can move like a Star mare!  Very strong trot, good walk and nice canter.  She is a very very nice mare to work with. A safe, drop dead GORGEOUS mare, not spooky and a mare that can, and will,  make a name for herself in dressage. She is willing to learn and always willing to work. Very sweet to handle! 

She stands 16.1 hands, and has a very nice long mane----looking like a stallion.

And  what a great FULL PAPER---  couldn't be much better!

Paloma comes from bloodlines that have produced a lot of sport friesians, that are competing in upper level dressage, and scoring above 70%.


This is one Very sweet, very easy to ride mare.


Paloma is a 3rd premie studbook mare, but we REALLY think if she is presented  in the USA at a keuring, she will have a VERY good chance at making STER...and then you will have a FULL PAPERED STER mare!!!

Everyone is looking for this kind of mare....beautiful, ideal conformation, willing to work and NOT lazy.  This attractive young mare has a gorgeous topline and lots of hair! She has a solid dressage foundation and is safe to ride for your child or your grandma!  

Paloma is an ideal mare for a combination of pleasure horse/dressage horse/broodmare. A drop dead GORGEOUS moving long haired imported friesian mare..... a valuable investment with secure return....A mare that will bring you joy AND can give you a foal, as she is a PROVEN producer!


We LOVE  Paloma because she has a good “go”, not to fast, and also not lazy.
Here is a GORGEOUS reasonably priced friesian that is suitable for every level of rider in your family,  as she is very forgiving!!

 And it doesnt stop there... Paloma has already had a beautiful foal ,  so we KNOW she is a good loving mother---- no problem  getting her pregnant and no problem delivering!!!


Paloma comes with a thorough  physical exam (pre-purchase)  including flexion testing and lameness exam.


Paloma is $34,900 delivered to NY, or $36,900 delivered to LAX or Chicago

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