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Tsjalle 454
Friesian Sire


Lolke 371
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Very RARE SPORT friesian mare for sale!!!!

Willow is not any ole' friesian mare,  she has acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate AND she has very VERY long hair---just like a stallion!!!

If you are looking for the fairytale looks, but in female form---- HERE SHE IS!!

Here is a well behaved, good thinking, excellent moving friesian SPORT mare for sale!!

Willow has extensive show experience and has shown extensively ZZ level dressage driving (4th level), and 2nd level dressage under saddle, scoring in the high 60's and 70's.  In order to acquire the highly coveted SPORT pedicate, Willow accrued more than 5 winning points in 3rd level dressage----this is EXCELLENT 3rd party verification of her training level!

  We recently took Willow with all the stallions for a group trail ride in the forest, and she was one of the BEST BEHAVED horses of the bunch!!!

Extraordinary opportunity to own an OUTSTANDING SPORT, beautiful, been there done that 7-year-old Friesian mare. She is a schoolmaster and will teach you!


Willow is very uncomplicated. She has lots of show experience and is very safe and beautiful!


Willow's motherline is near PERFECT: STER Prest-STER Pref-STER-STER


Her athletic build makes her very well suited for the competition arena, as evidenced by her SPORT predicate. SPORT Friesian mares are exceedingly difficult to find! Not only does Willow have experience in dressage and driving, but also trail riding, and being ridden and driven in traffic.


She is uncomplicated and very balanced; moves wonderfully off your leg. She is very responsive and soft in your hand. Here is a RARE Friesian mare with wonderful gaits, impulsion, and transitions.


AND Willow is a great age of 7 years old and very seasoned. She has literally been-there-done-that with all her show experience (as evidenced by her her SPORT predicate, obtained by moving up the levels from Training level to 3rd level), and we LOVE that about this SPORT Friesian mare for sale.


Willow loves attention -----she can stand for hours to be groomed. She also loves children! She comes from a riding school, so she has a lot of experience with children grooming her gorgeous LONG HAIR. She has been used for helping TEACH young riders in their lessons, due to her kind, willing temperament.


Another thing that we love about Willow is her sweet demeanor. She is the type of mare that really bonds with “her” person, and will do ANYTHING for you! 


This is a jet black, LONG haired, BEAUTIFUL friesian mare for sale with a reasonable price tag AND it's not often we are able to offer SPORT predicate mares, at this ideal age, with THIS MUCH HAIR---- WILLOW SPORT is a GOOD one, and certainly NOT going to last!




Willow is $33,900 delivered to NY; $35,900 to Chicago, LAX, Miami or Canada

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