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Meinse 439
Friesian Sire


Tije 401
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Tjebbe 500

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

1st Premie STER CROWN Friesian Mare For Sale

WONDERFUL and SAFE, NOT spooky, For ALL Levels Of Riders

EXCELLENT 2 for 1 Value, Will Give YOU a Foal ~~~


We have a new pregnant mare for sale. She is a RARE  CROWN  (Kroon) 1st Premie STER mare with full papers.

She is in foal to Tjebbe 500. And her foal is due THIS YEAR, making Dagmar a TREMENDOUS 2 for 1 Value!!!

Dagmar is a sweet, tall (16.2 hands) mare with nice LONG mane. She had exceptionally high scores at the IBOP riding test; 85 points!!!! That is very high!!!!!!


She has been ridden consistently her entire life---NOT just a broodmare (barefoot and pregnant).


She LOVES going on long relaxing trail rides, safe in traffic, and going to the beach with a variety of different level riders and children aboard.


Her previous owner is a very serious breeder who owned some very good breeding mares but due to serious health issues he decided to reduce the number of his herd in holland------that is the ONLY reason Dagmar is available for your purchase, otherwise a mare of THIS quality and rare bloodlines would NEVER be offered for sale in the Netherlands. 


She has had 5 previous nice and healthy foals already.  Dagmar  is a sweet mare,  also gets along very easily with other horses. She is a good mother and always gives birth easily. My Partner has a son of Dagmar's, now three years old-------Same character as his mother. Not hotheaded or spooky and a VERY good mover. He will go to the keuring for Star within a few weeks in the Netherlands.

She is free of dwarfism and hydrocephalus.

Dagmar is a PROVEN producer, always having easy births and VERY easy to get pregnant, AND she is incredibly SWEET and loves hugs!!!

Dagmar's motherline is textbook PERFECT: 


Her pedigree is CHOCKFULL of Ster and Preferent predicates, in fact----- we counted no less than 25 on her papers!!! 


She is the creme de la creme!!!


Earning a 1st Premie STER in 2013 AND again in 2016, as well as permanent CROWN status, with a LOW 1.17% in breeding and coming from the 2nd most prolific motherlines at producing approved stallions, Stam Line 25, DAGMAR STER CROWN is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a pregnant friesian mare that is a 1st premie CROWN mare that will give YOU a foal by the approved stallion, Tjebbe 500, THIS SUMMER----AND she is the kind of mare you whole family can enjoy!!


This is a mare, not only one of the very BEST well bred mares we have EVER offered, but also one of the EASIEST, nicest, most gentle mares that  you can TRULY enjoy riding, not just use for breeding!!!!


The bonus is---- her foal, sired by the approved stallion, Tjebbe 500.  It doesnt take too many foals for a mare like Dagmar Ster and Crown to pay for herself, and friesian mares are well known for producing their very BEST offspring in their second decade of life, and many keep producing well into their 20's!!! 


 This 11 yr old Friesian STER and Crown mare is a tremendous 2 for 1 value, indeed!!!


Dagmar STER and Crown is the very last pregnant mare we will import in 2021 that will give you a foal THIS YEAR.


Dont miss this rare opportunity to acquire an EXCEPTIONALLY well bred STER and CROWN mare that has the type of temperament that makes her a marvelous choice for ALL levels of riders. 



  Her IBOP riding score of 85 says it all---this is a HIGH QUALITY mare---and the kind of mare that is VERY rarely available.  

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