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Felle 422
Friesian Sire


Ulbert 390
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

This TALL, 170 cm, MAJESTIC 5 yr old jet black friesian for sale is an absolute JOY to have in your stable!!  

He is GREAT for EVERYONE to ride!


Extremely Beautiful, and about as gentle and SAFE as a horse can come.  You wont find a taller, better looking friesian anywhere that is truly the WHOLE ENCHILADA!

Brutus is suitable for an aspiring dressage rider, for someone that wants to clean up at horse shows, for the rider that just wants to enjoy pleasure and trail riding, and as a VERY safe family horse for a small child or beginner.


He really is a fairytale dreamhorse ---the kind of boy that happens only once in a lifetime.


We dont usually describe horses as "bombproof, but Brutus really IS extremely safe. 

You can feel very secure riding him ANYWHERE, on trails, in traffic, by yourself, with all kinds of noise, in all kinds of conditions, etc.


Phenomenal Pedigree: Felle SPORT x Ulbert SPORT


Motherline is chockfull of sport predicates: STER-Ster+Pref-Ster+Pref

B-day: 4/22/16

Stam line 177


He is a horse i find a JOY to ride myself! When you see him in person, he is sooo beautiful, a great dressage horse, and not scared of ANYTHING when ridden outside, even with the howling wind!  Extremely brave. 


Its very rare to find horses that are suitable to move up the levels of dressage, and are ALSO a REAL saddleseat SHOW HORSE.


Brutus is the WHOLE PACKAGE.


He is $53,900 delivered to NY as a gelding.  LAX, Chicago and Miami are 2k more. Import as a Stallion is approx 6-7k more.

Buying Price:


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