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Lute 304
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 1/2 ha

Meet Remington Steele, your new yang to the normal friesian jet black ying?!?


He is currently competing Intermediare 1 and is EASY, uncomplicated, and has a WONDERFUL temperament.


Remington Steele is 50% friesian and 50% a rare Russian breed.


Watch him to changes every stride, and then pull a roller blader down the street---this kind 10 yr old 16.2 1/2 hand boy can literally DO IT ALL.


And is TRULY a once in a lifetime friesian cross.


Looking for a Friesian Cross headed to Grand Prix? You NEED to check out our 10 yr old boy, 50% friesian and 50% Orlov Trotter (Russian)---he is PUSH BUTTON---even a training level rider can do flying changes on him!!


DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Call Janna 415-272-2112 for details on this SPECIAL boy that is EASY EASY EASY---and also pulls a carriage for weddings in his spare time!:)


Remington Steele has several foals on the ground and yet has NO stallion manners whatsoever! We will deliver as a gelding (unless you prefer he remain a stallion and wish to pay the additional 7k stallion quarantine).


Intermediare 1; 10 yr old Friesian Cross, Suitable for a SMALL CHILD, or amateur.

See his scores above on the Light Tour in Intermediare 1. Rem was also 6th at the National Championship in ZZLicht.


Let this GORGEOUS boy teach YOU how to do changes EVERY STRIDE:)


$76,900 delivered to NY as a gelding, LAX, Chicago and Mami cost 2k more. Should you prefer Remington remain a stallion, dont forget stallions require an additional 30 days of quarantine that also put an additional 6-7k ding in your wallet!

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