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Lute 304
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 1/2

Meet Remington Steele, your new yang to the normal friesian jet black ying?!?


He is currently competing Intermediare 1 and is EASY, uncomplicated, and has a WONDERFUL temperament.


Remington Steele is 50% friesian and 50% a rare Russian breed.


Watch him to changes every stride, and then pull a roller blader down the street---this kind 10 yr old 16.2 1/2 hand boy can literally DO IT ALL.


And is TRULY a once in a lifetime friesian cross.


Looking for a Friesian Cross headed to Grand Prix? You NEED to check out our 10 yr old boy, 50% friesian and 50% Orlov Trotter (Russian)---he is PUSH BUTTON---even a training level rider can do flying changes on him!! People are impressed w him. Buying a farm in S.C. just for him. this guy is going to get the royal treatment.  I love him and he is what everyone dreams of having in a horse.  Love the fact that he has a lot of confidence.  He tells everyone he is walking out!!   Says congrats.  U r in my presence. 



 Rem is safe, sane and very sound and would love to take a Junior / Young Rider or adult amateur all of the way to the top. He has no vices and ships like a dream. Parents / spouses, this is a horse who will take care of your loved one and one which they can have so much fun and LEARN from! In addition to being a confirmed I-1 horse, he also has confirmed 1 tempis through the grand prix level and is developing piaffe and passage. Don't miss this opportunity! He is only being sold because his rider found a new young horse she would like to start and finances are a factor.


DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Call Janna 415-272-2112 for details on this SPECIAL boy that is EASY EASY EASY---and also pulls a carriage for weddings in his spare time!:)

Friesian Cross, Suitable for a SMALL CHILD, or Timid Amateur

Let this GORGEOUS boy teach YOU how to do changes EVERY STRIDE:)

Remington Steele has several foals on the ground and yet has NO stallion manners whatsoever! We will deliver as a gelding (unless you prefer he remain a stallion and wish to pay the additional 7k stallion quarantine).


Intermediare 1; 10 yr old Friesian Cross, Suitable for a SMALL CHILD, or amateur.

See his scores above on the Light Tour in Intermediare 1. Rem was also 6th at the National Championship in ZZLicht.


Should you prefer Remington remain a stallion, dont forget stallions require an additional 30 days of quarantine that also put an additional 7-8k ding in your wallet!

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