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Timen STER


Bartele 472
Friesian Sire


Brend 413
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Timen STER has it all!

A real eye catcher and super nice for ANYONE to ride OR drive!

Solid 2nd Level Dressage

Double Trained to Ride AND Drive, he is marvelous pulling a carriage as a single, in a pair, and in a 4 in hand.

1st premie

Timen is a super sweet 16.2 hand friesian for sale---we LOVE his BEAUTIFUL chiseled head and small ears that point towards each other!

He has a complete teddy bear personality, what a darling animal---he loves attention! Under saddle and pulling a carriage, he is super easy, light in the hand and responds well to the aids.

 This guy can literally DO IT ALL. Timen STER is our EVERYTHING horse.

And not only does he have a solid 2nd level dressage foundation, he recently drove, pulling a carriage,  with our Pinot Noir in a pair--and literally stopped traffic! Timen did a great job, super, in fact!  What a well behaved, GOOD THINKING, gorgeous, TALL, with looks that look like he just walked out of a dream, and ONLY 7 yrs old!  

Wanna go on a trail or for a spin down your local streets???  Traffic is no problem for Timen Ster, and he likes to go for trail rides outside, in the forest, and at the beach, or any place YOU desire!

Excellent pedigree with a motherline that is textbook:

Bday 4/19/14

He is so sweet and very easy to work with!!! I love Timen because he is not lazy, not too forward, just simple and very light in your hand!!:)

If you are seeking an INCREDIBLY handsome, LONG HAIRED, tall, sweet, forgiving Friesian that is versatile and you can do anything with--- you really need to consider Timen STER.  He is a true lover that will be your forever best friend.

Not only is Timen  STUNNING, with great movement, talent, and an excellent  temperament for a timid rider; he has the BEST personality. He really is a GEM.


 This 1st premie STER friesian doesn’t JUST have a heart of gold, he has exceptional conformation, build, and an absolutely beautiful head and neck. He loves his work, and is SAFE for all riders. He is not the spooky type, and is very brave, even when ridden on the road with VERY loud trucks going by!!


Comes with a full set of excellent xrays available for review with your vet and thorough pre purchase exam.


Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for details. This Special Dream horse will NOT last!


$59,900 delivered to NY , or $61,900 into Miami, Chicago, or LAX.

Buying Price:


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