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Mewes 438
Friesian Sire


Anton 343
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16 1/2 hand

Here is a Friesian for those of you looking for an ideal horse for novice or timid riders.  Dax is gorgeous---in part due to his grandfather, ANTON SPORT PREF---he has inherited his “hair gene”, and Dax will have VERY long hair!!

 Dax has the much sought-after experience in every setting you can imagine, including on roads, in traffic, and out in the pastures by himself, at the beach, and in the forest. Also, Dax remains the steady eddy when being driven.

  Dax has a very nice head, lovely correct conformation, and he is excellent under saddle for dressage, and in carriage driving, both as a single, pair, and 4 in hand.

He is a Friesian horse with very much experience being ridden by all kinds of riders, even beginners, in ALL KINDS of settings.  What we like BEST about him is his WONDERFUL temperament----Dax has a heart of GOLD, a solid dressage foundation, and really wants to please.  He is laid back, and good for a nervous rider, as he gives the rider a sense of security.

He is in top condition and has a jet black coat and plush poodle like feathers. If you are looking for a safe, sane, sound friesian that can go ANYWHERE, and doesn't spook or spin, and allows you to ENJOY your ride, instead of concentrating on what the horse might be looking at, then Dax is for you. He has 3 very good gaits, and can be ridden by absolutely anyone, even a very small child, or not balanced rider---- Dax will be your ideal companion and an excellent addition to your family. He also is a very experienced DRIVING horse, and can pull a fancy carriage, if you like?!?

Dax moves easily off your leg. This stunning boy has an impeccable pedigree and is ready to go to his new forever home. Ideal as a pleasure or trail horse, talented enough for competitive dressage, we are constantly looking for fairytale looking geldings like Dax that are reasonably priced, and when we find them, THEY JUST DON'T LAST!

If you are interested in a stunning LONG-haired gelding that is sweet as pie, give us a call about DAX, but don't wait, or he will be GONE!


B-day 7/25/17

16 ½ hands and still growing; 165 cm

EXCELLENT motherline: Pref-Ster+Pref-Ster+Pref-STER



Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 for details!

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