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Eise 489
Friesian Sire


Reitse 272
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Looking for an all around, baroque, VERY well behaved boy that is SO much fun to take to the beach, or drive with a carriage, (and is the left leader, when driving in busy traffic in a 4 in hand in the video below)----Mateo is a phenomenal choice! AND has a very nice full paper. There are no less than 20  preferents on his papers!!! Ironically, we imported and sold his Grandmother, Sjiekedame S MODEL Pref Prest 8, 17 years ago for a record $115k, and Mateo's dam Adeldame is ALSO Model AND she is 3rd level dressage and has acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate!!!  

This boy has AMAZING genes!

Mateo is a nice cooperative horse, both under the saddle and in front of the carriage he always gives 100%.


Mateo has 3 very good basic gaits, which makes him very suitable for sports, and dressage, should you decide you would like to compete.


All our horses come with NEW thorough pre-purchase exams, and INCLUDE import and quarantine. We help arange transport all the way to YOUR DOORSTEP:)! Mateo also comes with a full set of xrays available for review with your vet!


He is just such a SWEETHEART, making him appropriate for a novice or timid rider; Mateo isnt spooky and enjoys going on trails by himself. IDEAL for exhibitions, carriage driving, or just hacking out on trails, going to the beach, and HAVING FUN!!! 

He LOVES to be hugged, and gives hugs back  ---a REAL people horse. And yes, his forelock and mane are a little sun bleached----we swear, he didnt put "sun in" on them, but Mateo DOES like to sunbathe:)


Check out the pics above of him having a ball at the beach!! Galloping on the beach with No reins!!


Get ready for an AWESOME summer with an amazing, 15.3 hand and STILL GROWING, long haired  easy going, baroque SWEET friesian---particularly while  travel is limited, and the only way to buy a horse, is sight unseen due to the corona virus......why not buy a reasonably priced exceptionally pedigreed young good looking friesian that has EXCELLENT training and dressage foundation, whether or not you ever desire to step foot in a dressage show ring--  Mateo is a GOOD one, with a reasonable price tag:)


This makes Mateo an EXCELLENT choice, even if all you ever plan to do is to pleasure ride around your own farm! You can be ASSURED Mateo is the kind of horse that can go to the beach, or ride or drive in traffic by himself safely, he can truly DO IT ALL.

AND Mateo is a GREAT buy right now---keep in mind, importing to LAX, Chicago, Calgary or Ontario is 2k more than NY.

Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 to find out if Mateo is right for YOU.

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