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Michiel 442
Friesian Sire


Gjalt 426
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

We are PROUD to present the VERY BEST, for your consideration....

His name is Pinot Noir STER and SPORT: A Once in a Lifetime Ster stallion---we will deliver as a gelding!

KFPS/FHANA Registered Friesian that is also an Approved stallion with the Baroque Pinto Registry and was GRAND CHAMPION of the keuring, AND has good semen.

Only 8 years old and already PRIX ST GEORGE including flying changes every other stride!!!!


Also well trained to drive, and  very experienced being ridden and driven in traffic. It's not often this QUALITY of friesian is available for purchase, and export out of the Netherlands---we all know, the Dutch  prefer to KEEP their BEST.... well, here is one of the VERY BEST, and he could be YOURS. Pinot is one of the nicest, most gorgeous, fairytale STER and SPORT friesians for sale and available anywhere in the world presently-----with long mane, thick tail and the most beautiful head you have ever seen.

Recent thoroughly vetted and xrayed. Excellent semen. 

Very interesting bloodline. Michiel SPORT x Gjalt SPORT

Low 1.17% inbreeding; stam line 25; b-day 5/30/13


Pinot Noir is a very nice horse to work with; never lazy, but also not hot-headed or spooky.  Always willing to work and learn! Very intelligent horse. Easy to ride between other horses, even mares, and GREAT on trail rides.  This is a GREAT FRIESIAN choice for a very competitive rider because he has potential to achieve the highest levels of dressage. But he is also safe for a novice rider.

RARE FEI friesian that can compete and WIN amongst the warmbloods one day, and then literally pull a carriage at a funeral and stand for hours quietly the VERY next day!

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME kind of horse, that has amassed an extensive show record already, and is now Prix St George level dressage!

---scored a "9" for type at his keuring!

2017: 3rd National Championship L2 Dressage
2018: Reserve National Champion M2 Dressage
2019: Champion Z1 Dressage
2020: Grand Champion of Baroque Pinto Keuring
MANY wins in Z2 Dressage, now ZZ Licht
2019 and 2020: Featured in the Friesian Proms at the Stallion Show 

Just check out the pics of Pinot, under the spotlights in center arena in front of sold out crowds at the Stallion Show---being ridden by a singer that had NEVER ridden him before (with a rider that is not an expert at all---she has never shown dressage)!

This boy is a DELIGHT---  a stallion which we will castrate and deliver as a STER gelding for you, ridden bareback, enjoys rides at the beach and goes in the water, and with other horses! Can't get much more laid back, than that!!!!!! AND a REAL dressage schoolmaster. He can step up and have  great movement when you ask him to. 


You CAN have it all, with Pinot Noir STER & Sport! I love this horse. Pinot is absolutely spectacular. i have followed his career up the dressage ladder and ridden him myself on 4 different occassions in the Netherlands---His LONG hair and upright conformation take my breathe away everytime---this horse is a JAW DROPPER.

If it is important to have a horse you are comfortable and confident with as well.... Pinot is a SCHOOLMASTER and VERY suitable for a someone starting out. Pinot has amassed SOOO much experience, literally doing EVERYTHING under the sun---there isnt anything this boy hasnt done, and been the very BEST at. Such an obedient boy.


He IS pretty darn push button, and ready to drive off the showroom and into competition for YOU:)

 We are DELIGHTED to present this gorgeous, fairytale friesian Ster SPORT boy for sale with LONG hair, that is safe for an amateur/junior rider. IMPRESSIVE long list of wins, at EVERY level, now Prix St George. FANTASTIC flying changes--just watch the videos below. He is a talented dressage horse, with no ceiling on his versatile potential, given the fact that he always wants to work and that he has a very good canter and has enormous elasticity in his body for bending and going sideways, and collecting him is easy cheesy:)  Pinot Noir STER SPORT REALLY has FEI potential, in friesian form. 


16.3 hands.


He can ‘dance’ beside you when you have him on a lead rope. He knows he is a a stud muffin and is showing off----I LOVE that about him. I REALLY like his character. He is a prima donna---I think he is drop dead GORGEOUS---and he has this charisma--- he is sexy, and he KNOWS it. This is the MOST amazing friesian on the market anywhere right now. 


He is a talented dressage horse with an extensive show record showing up the levels, that is easy to ride, and put together in a dressage test. 

Pinot has won multiple national championships in Holland in  dressage, has acquired the SPORT predicate (5 points in 3rd Level) and is now doing everything of ZZ licht (Prix St George), including flying changes every 2 strides.  What more could you ask for? Oh, and  you can take him driving, on trails, and he is accustomed to being the SUPERSTAR at exhibitions!


 This is one of the MOST amazing ster stallions I have seen in a LONG time. If you are looking for the BEST, you  need to consider Ster and Sport stallion Pinot Noir


His price is $76,900 delivered to NY as a gelding.  LAX, Miami and Chicago and Canada are 2k more. 

The only thing we don't include, (if you would like Pinot imported as a stallion):  is the 30 day cem quarantine, stallions require an additional quarantine (costing an additional 6-7k cost).

Call Janna for details on this very special Friesian Dressage Schoolmaster For Sale: 415-272-2112

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