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Alke 468
Friesian Sire


Anders 451
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16 hands

5 years old REAL FAIRYTALE friesian, 164 cm ---just over 16 hands, sired by Alke x Anders.


Here is one GORGEOUS friesian that is a real mover; lots of elasticity, beautiful appearance, long thick mane, potential for the upper level dressage.

Beaujolais has 3 excellent good gaits under the saddle, a splendid collected canter, he can canter for ever!!!!!!! 


He is very easy and comfortable to sit. 

Beau responds on small signals-----simply a joy to ride!! 

Not just a fairytale looking FABIO boy---Beaujolais would be a great horse for a real dressage rider, as he is "Pretty IS as Pretty DOES." And Beau is talented!

Also he is forgiving, no problem when the rider makes a mistake on Beau, suitable for many different riders.  


Lovely personality, loves to cuddle!!  Beau gives hugs:)


Beau is a wonderful, large, kind, giving family horse that is just as at home out on the trail and in the woods, as he is in the arena. He truly is the kindest, sweetest, most willing partner you can imagine. Beau has been a wonderful  TRAILMASTER in his last home, he spooks at nothing, and will take you ANYWHERE, in high fashion. His movement and conformation are ideal. Beau has been owned by a family, and is ready to go to his new forever home, as long as you promise to give him MUCH love! He has 3 wonderful gaits, and those of you with back problems----you will like how comfortable Beau is to sit.  We like his uphill conformation, his jet black shiny coat, and his WONDERFUL disposition.

This gentle giant has no vices whatsoever, and would be an ideal choice for a novice, timid, or inexperienced rider, or child, or amateur adult, due to his willingness to please. 

Comes with a recent extended vet check, excellent X-rays including back and neck available for review with your vet, is really a dream, extremely friendly personality, human oriented, VERY affectionate. 


This sweetheart is suitable for many different riders, very balanced in his gaits, easy to collect, WONDERFUL canter! He can canter for ever and  when you say whoa, he stops directly. Also suitable for a real dressage riderthat wants to move up the levels, because he shows potential for the upper levels of dressage. 

No stallion behavior at all (we will deliver as a gelding)!! Beajolais is friends with all the other horses. 


This 2nd level dressage boy with a DREAMY appearance is $46,900 delivered as a gelding to NY. Chicago, Miami and LAX and Canada are 2k more.

Give Janna a  call at 415-272-2112 for details!

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