Bernhard P. STER - SOLD

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Bernhard P. STER


Mewes 438
Friesian Sire


Onne 376
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Looking for that one of a kind eyecatcher FAIRYTALE FRIESIAN with lots of potential? Then Bernhard is your guy! Quality guaranteed as he was invited for the 70 day performance test in 2019!

Bernhard has it all! The noble looks, the excellent movements, strong conformation and a willing character. His sire is former champion Mewes 438 and with Onne 376 as sire of his dam, his potential is off the charts!

Bernhard is the kind of horse that catches your eye and makes people turn their heads. Bernhard already has fantastic long and thick manes.

He is trained at L/M (2nd level) level in dressage. Bernhard has very smooth gaits and an excellent canter. He is intelligent and friendly and a real pleasure to work with. When he enters new surroundings he has confidence in his rider guiding him.

Bernhard has outstanding manners. He is a pleasure to be around. Although he is still a stallion, he does not show any stallionlike behaviour, and we will deliver him as a gelding! 

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this special 5 yr STER friesian, who was in the performance test and is L dressage with winning points!

Bernhard measures 1.65m, 16.1 hands and we expect him to gain another 1-2 cm---friesians don't quit growing until they are 6 yrs old!

He will make a great family horse as he is very sweet and calm in handling. 

This is a stunning fellow who has been with our partner since 2017 (so they know him very very well!).


What an amazing boy---only the tippy TOP 1% of all friesian stallions get invited to the 70 day test, and Bernhard was one of that 1%, which is excellent 3rd party verification of his tippy top conformation and movement!! Just narrowly missing out on becoming an approved stallion, Bernhard can be YOUR fairytale forever friesian.

Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for more info!

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