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Epke 474
Friesian Sire


Olrik 383
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Omer 493

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

This is an AMAZING mare, currently in foal to the Approved stallion, Omer, for a spring foal.


Diva is a TALL, 16.1 hand LONG haired, GORGEOUS gal, 6 yr old full pedigree mare (motherline is STER-MODEL+PREF-STER-STER) that is also an outstanding mare to ride and drive and she LOVES attention and hugs:). She serves a dual purpose as not only a super broodmare, but also a great recreational and trail mare!!! She is a very sweet and kind mare. We love the pedigree on this mare--she is sired by the tall, handsome approved stallion, EPKE SPORT, son of the great BEART SPORT PREF, whose offspring are well known for their shiny jet black coats, and long legs and swan necks!!


Diva scored a 7.5 for her TYPE-on her linear score sheet--and 7 for her walk! She is a pretty, impressive mare that really makes you sit up straight and LOOK when she enters an arena! She is TALL with a very beautiful expressive head and LONG Mane, thick tail and a lot of PLUSH feathers! Her type and walk are GREAT, but we think if you are trying her for STER, her trot could be trained to be more elastic.  She had a gorgeous foal last year, a filly named Floortje.


And the bonus with Diva is in March you will have a foal that is sired by the approved stallion residing in Europe, Omer!


We think her 2021 foal will be a REALLY WOW combination.... the foal is likely to be a friesian with phenomenal movement with the talent and looks of a couple of some of the best approved stallions abroad!!


Diva is a PROVEN producer, AND she stems from the GOLD STANDARD of all stam lines, stam line 50, which has produced more approved stallions than any other line!! 


She  is very willing and has a wonderful attitude towards her work, and she has a very cute head and a LOT OF MANE!!!! She is very calm and relaxed, but not lazy. She just received a 3rd premie at the keuring recently, narrowly missing ster. She has lots of mane and tail, is a very athletic mare and would make an excellent choice for a dressage prospect.


We fell in love with her because very few friesian broodmares are this nice and TALL---Diva measures 16.1 hands, and have MEGA hair like a stallion, yet are FEMALE, and are excellent to ride AND drive.  


She has a beautiful face; like her daddy... a long swan neck, full feathering, long voluminous THICK tail, and especially a lovely character. Diva has a kind, willing nature that NOT all mares have, and a  willingness to work. She has remained JET BLACK even when residing under the sun, in a pasture.


Here is also a very sweet mare that loves to be around people. She would make a great dressage horse/family horse/pleasure horse for you, AND at the same time, a super broodmare, with her conformation and her movement! 


If you are looking for a VERY elegant, wonderful character mare for pleasure/dressage and/or breeding, this is your mare. We think Diva has the movement to excel in the competitive arena, and the kind gentle nature that will make her a wonderful trail partner. This is an EXCELLENT two for one value on an imported mare that is also confirmed in foal to OMER, the stunning approved stallion only available in Europe:)


Diva may be flown to NY for $28,900 or LAX, Chicago, Miami or Canada for $30,900--just let us know! 


And she is very reasonably priced as a 2 for 1 package! This is an investment with a valuable return. ----this is an investment than can literally pay for herself in less than 2 years! ~


In short, she is a wonderful mare, bred to Omer and due spring 2021, and VERY nice to ride AND drive.

B-day 3/20/2015

Reg # 201500501


 Call 415-272-2112 for details

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