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Jeldrik SPORT


Friesian Sire


Brandus 345
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Janna and Bennie are proud to present this RARE, hard to find 9 yr old GORGEOUS fairytale dream boy, who has not only ACQUIRED  the highly coveted  SPORT predicate, bestowed ONLY on horses that have earned 5 or more points in Z level (3rd level) dressage, this boy LOVES going on trails, to the beach, and being HUGGED!! This fairytale friesian for sale looks like he just walked out of a DREAM---he is a WOW!!!  And he has been extensively shown in dressage competitions in Holland. He has worked up through the levels in B and M level with a young female rider, who recently had a baby; and has competed extensively in 3rd level, but mostly he LOVES being adored, groomed and going on trails and hacks!! He is a true schoolmaster.  With more than 30 winning points in z level (3rd level), Jeldrik doesnt have anything else to prove in the dressage arena! We promised his owner we would handpick his new owner to provide a LOVING home offering more than just more dressage competitions---so if you are just interested in competing, Jeldrik doesnt want YOU.  If you wanna take him out of the stall, take his mane out of that double french braid, and go for a long gallop, riding bareback, into the sunset, and stop for a moment---telling him how wonderful he is----JELDRIK wants YOU. 166 cm tall, which is 16.1 1/4 hands TALL) with a SUPERB pedigree:ULDRIK X BRANDUS X LEFFERT. 1st premie!  This is a really Good horse and it’s hard to find Friesians like Jeldrik!!! This horse is so friendly and easy to ride, even in noisy traffic..... no problem for him! He has accumulated a tremendous list of accomplishments, competing against primarily warmbloods. His gaits are superb and VERY smooth and easy to sit. This is a son of the famous approved stallion, Uldrik--also an upper level dressage horse, recently deceased, unfortunately.  Here is a truly schoolmaster that you can learn from, but don't forget, Jeldrik also likes to be ridden bareback, side saddle, and with his slow jog and lope----will be a phenomenal western horse! He is so well behaved and easy to ride, whether you are perfecting your skills, or out on the trails---he is EASY, and truly appropriate for any level rider.And it doesn't stop there. He is truly an exquisite mover for any discipline. He moves very freely out of his shoulder. He travels very well, and behaves WHEREVER he goes, and is loads of fun, as he is everyone's favorite horse to ride in his barn:) He is great not only for trail rides, parades or exhibitions, but this boy is also highly educated! He is about as SAFE as they come, and very easy to ride. His ability in dressage is indisputable. He currently has over 30 winning points in Z Dressage (3rd level), which means he HAS to be scoring above 60%, and he acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate,  which is proof of his upper level dressage capability!

We love his canter--it is a "10"!!!  If you are looking for a partner with an excellent character and temperament, Jeldrik is for you. This talented boy stems from very good bloodlines of friesian sport horses. And he has a thorough pre-purchase done on Dec 31, 2020. He is elastic, intelligent, FORWARD, hardworking, and extremely athletic. He is a DREAM, so sweet, LOVES being ridden BAREBACK. Has a ROCKING HORSE CANTER!!!

Jeldrik has a sweet personality, loves to work, loves being outside, and has the charisma that would make him a standout in parades, exhibitions, and group trail rides. EASY to ride definitely describes this boy, he is ideal for a beginner or timid rider, because he is sooo uncomplicated. He has loads of hock articulation and is really an elegant mover. You can see why this boy is excelling --he is built for perfection with uphill conformation.

We hope his new owner has a lot of time to spend with him and gives him much attention and love, this boy DESERVES it!! Don't miss this one of a kind fairytale DREAM boy that LOVES to be loved, hugged and ADORED.

.. this boy is a AMAZING!!!! When under saddle, he is all business.... right on the bit, perfect frame, soft in the mouth, free in the shoulder, not too hot, not too lazy. He has already accomplished everything he needs to in dressage—we would like  Jeldrik to  have the opportunity to also pleasure/trail ride, and he LOVES the water, dogs, and going to the BEACH.  A GOOD home is a MUST for this SPECIAL reasonably priced fairytale boy!!  He will remain in the Netherlands with Bennie until purchased.

Jeldrik is $35,900 delivered to NY. LAX, Chicago and Miami are 2k more.

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