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Bartele 472
Friesian Sire


Meinse 439
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

 Zorro is a SPECIAL BOY!  16.2 hands, excellent xrays, VERY gentle, STER AND did the 70 day test (chosen as a provisionally approved stallion). This GORGEOUS son of Bartele  is currently doing all the exercises of Z1 dressage (3rd level in Europe).

A super choice for an amateur/junior rider, or as an all around pleasure/trail/family horse. This 16.2 hh STER boy, sired by multi Champion, Bartele, has plenty of dressage show experience with scores into high 60s to 70% at recognized dressage shows in Europe, with his amateur owner.

Zorro STER  has winning points in M level, which is comparable to our 2nd level, and is now doing all exercises of Z1 (3rd level), AND would be a GREAT western horse! He is solid minded with trail and traffic experience and very smooth and easy to ride gaits.

If you are looking for a great all around horse to do it all, then Zorro might be a good fit for you.

 This boy not only has winning points in dressage, but absolutely the potential to go even higher!!! He has one of the best canters we have ever seen on a friesian.

We like to import horses that are actively competing and scoring ABOVE 60% in their level, indicated by their winning points, which is 3rd party verification that the horse HAS to be doing what is required of that level. Even if you NEVER want to show--when buying sight unseen, this is really good PROOF the horse is well trained and performing well under numerous Judge's, in various settings.


This boy is 100% healthy with a set of x-rays available for review with your vet.

 It is obvious that this boy is a phenomenal sporthorse---but he also is a wonderful DRIVING horse, AND loves going on trail rides, and playing in the water!! He is SO kind and sweet when he is away from home, at the dressage competitions, and on long relaxing hacks.  Wherever Zorro goes, at competitions and other places, everyone loves him..... he is really an eyecatcher with his long flowing mane and true FAIRYTALE friesian looks. Zorro's rider says "He always wants to work for me, he is always happy! He likes to get attention from you, a very affectionate horse."

Zorro is not spooky at all, and has a great personality. He knows shoulder in, haunches in, turn on the haunches, counter canter, simple changes, rein back, training half pass in trot and canter, and he has a very good extended trot...and just OUTSTANDING lateral work!!! He is doing everything of 3rd level except changes.

He is quite simply, BREATHTAKING. A fairytale come true, you will be immediately awed by his unbelievable long hair, and stature...this horse KNOWS he is the cat's meow!

Zorro is as gentle as a lamb---which is why my partner felt safe putting his 8 yr old daughter on him! (see video) ....stepping on him is like sitting in your favorite recliner, he is as smooth as silk, and a push button dressage horse. Light and lofty, with fantastic natural elasticity to his gaits, we rarely see a Friesian with transitions like his.

Responsive, yet kind and gentle enough for a junior rider, Zorro  is a spectacular fairytale Friesian that only comes along once in a lifetime. He is really safe to ride, also for a beginner rider. Cool and relaxed attitude. I love this STER boy because of his teddybear temperament. Sweet, soft and easy going.

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