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Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Anton 343
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

6 Star stallion

168cm =16.2 hands

Jasper x Anton !! 

This is the MOST INCREDIBLE COMBINATION EVER in a pedigree of a ster stallion!!!

Its no WONDER Wisse has such incredible looks AND talent!!!  Son of our favorite approved stallion of all times, the KING, the Grand Prix kick ass sire of more approved sons that ANY other approved stallion EVER, Jasper Sport +Elite+Pref, and out of a ster mare sired by the eternal favorite, ANTON SPORT PREF, who was one of the most loved and revered and cherished approved stallions to come over from Holland, and is sadly no longer with us.  It's not often........ almost NEVER, that we find STER STALLIONS that are :


and Wisse has ALSO recently become a STER  stallion himself:)
This is an Excellent Star stallion, far above average in every way!!

More beautiful than most approved stallions. Mega thick long manes,
Lovely character real sweetheart, soft friendly gentleman. Loves to cuddle.

Promising dressage stallion,  potential for upper level dressage! REALLY a talented sporthorse---clearly bred to not only be  a fairytale boy, but also talent galore.

Splendid collected canter, he can canter forever.
Very well trained (by a Grand Prix rider).

Ready for 3rd level,  Wisse has lots of experience  at competitions, always winning points (read: scoring above 67%,  and bringing home the blue ribbons.  Wisse STER has even competed at the  Dutch championships in dressage,  scoring ABOVE the warmbloods.

He is never spooky, extremely willing , intelligent, also safe in nature and traffic.
Recent extended thorough sport vet check,  with clean X-rays, including back and neck, available for review with your vet . 

If you are looking for  kind, willing, and take your breathe away----wow.... you can't beat this JASPER X ANTON  6 yr old ster friesian for sale.  He is really SPECIAL.


Wisse's price is $51,900 delivered to NY as a gelding. 

Delivery to Chicago and Lax and Miami are available for 2k more. We are happy to import him as stallion, with buyer responsible for the $6-7k cost of the additional stallion quarantine required.   

Buying Price:


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