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Reinder 452
Friesian Sire


Wikke 404
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

7 year old amazing SPORT stallion now available ONLY from

Reinder x Wikke, EXCELLENT pedigree

Good X rays available for review with your vet,  and has acquired the sport certificate!!!

This boy isnt just JAW DROPPINGLY GORGEOUS, he was also crowned 3rd level dressage national champion in Holland AND has solid  REALLY GOOD flying changes AND is ONLY 7 yrs old!!!

INCREDIBLE Motherline: Ster-Model-Model

Adorable boy, sweet to ride and behaving lovely with all other horses.

He is accustomed to several riders, cool in his head, and in riding---just super easy! He loves to ride outside and is suitable for any level of rider –if this is important to you, you NEED to consider this horse.... if  you want a horse you dont have to worry about what they are looking at, or when they might take flight, Thad SPORT is for YOU!

His looks are breathtaking and his character is willing to work, but calm. B-day 5/15/13

16.2 hands TALL. LOVES attention! Sensitive and responsive to your aids. ZERO spook. 

This horse will be good on trail rides for you, you don’t need to be a grand prix rider to ride this handsome boy!

His precious head and eyes will make you fall in love with him immediately!


Easy to ride for everyone, with lovely mane and tail!

He is a tall friesian that has acquied the highly coveted SPORT predicate and REAL dressage schoolmaster with talent and ability to keep moving UP the levels, with amazing looks!

This stunning boy, with lots of incredible mane, is so TALENTED---3rd level  NATIONAL Champion, EXCELLENT flying changes, and ONLY 7 yrs old---if you want an FEI friesian, you need to consider Thad SPORT. 


He has quite the impressive results in dressage in Europe, and is equally happy being doted on, and receiving attention, and taking novice riders on trail rides!!!!!  Not many friesians have such GOOD flying changes!!!

Easy to load on the trailer and take on a trail ride anywhere, by yourself---- no problem for this adorable boy. 
He is 16.2 hands and EASY to sit---just look at the video above of his  rocking horse canter! 


He was xrayed in 2019 and physical exam with flexions done in August 2020,  my vet said he was excellent on both exams:):) Available for review with YOUR vet. 


Easy to ride, really good for AMATEUR or a novice rider wanting a SCHOOLMASTER, that can help teach YOU dressage. Not hot or difficut at all, Thad is uncomplicated.

AND certainly talented  enough to keep moving up to Prix St George.  He is NOT a dead head or lazy guy. Thad is the REAL DEAL.


Perfect for a rider that has had a BAD experience or injury previously. GOOD CONFIDENCE BUILDER!!


His price includes castration (we will deliver Thad as a gelding) or cem testing, required bloodwork, transport to the airport,  international health certificate, and import and quarantine to NY.

Flights to LAX and Chicago and Canada are $2k more

Why would we gelding such a magnificent horse? Because most people want an AMAZING well trained all around DREAMHORSE they can just enjoy riding (not breeding), and Thad is a REAL FAIRYTALE BOY!!!!  AND most boarding establishments dont allow stallions, and the majority of our customers want the ability to be able to turn out ALL their horses together.

 Prefer Thad SPORT remain a stallion??  Thats no problem! We are happy to import him as a stallion for you, with Buyer responsible for cost of the ADDITIONAL 30 day cem quarantine required of all imported stallions (approx $7k depending on the cem facility you choose).


In short, if you choose to import a stallion over the age of 2 yrs, the USDA requires and ADDITIONAL 30 day  quarantine, which will put an ADDITIONAL 7k dent in your wallet.  Another reason the majority of our customers prefer we castrate their friesian prior to import. 

Our geldings are in USDA quarantine for only 3 days prior to going to their new forever homes!


Call 415-272-2112 for more info! Or email [email protected]

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