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Michiel 442
Friesian Sire


Beart 411
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Alec is a Very very sweet and good  thinking horse. 


Fantastic movement, just picked up the STER predicate, so he will be imported as a STER gelding or STER stallion (YOU decide)--he is just THAT good! 


Alec is a drop dead GORGEOUS deep black, long haired  boy with very good conformation AND the oh so desirable unflappable character, and L2 Level Dressage with winning points (winning at First Level, Training Second Level). We love his easy going disposition---nothing bothers this guy, not even HUGE machinery going by on the highway! He is perfect for most EVERY level rider, because he is very forgiving, and VERY sweet for children----check out Alec being galloped in a group of horses at the beach! He LOVES pleasure and trail riding.


TALL! 16.2 1/2 hands and still growing!


B-DAY 6/29/16


Alec is accustomed to dogs, children and traffic. He is willing to please but also willing to work and he is ready to go to a dressage show for you, just like he did last weekend---EXTREMELY high scores in L2 dressage, enter him in competitions and watch him bring home the blues for YOU:)

OR just enjoy the HIGH quality of this jet black boy with poodle like feathering---out on the trails in YOUR area!; Alec  has a WONDERFUL good thinking mind.

BOY DOES HE HAVE A TON OF EXPERIENCE for his young age, doing all kinds of different things, and in many many different settings in Holland, which further PROVES his athletic abilities, AND we just had a ball with him in the waves at the beach. Alec is one of the nicest HIGH QUALITY boys on the market today.  


1st premie AND just made STER on Sept 30, 2020!!


Stam line 25---one of the most prolific stam lines,  with the 2nd most productive history of producing approved stallions, of ALL stam lines. EXCELLENT pedigree, Michiel Sport Elite (one of the ONLY Grand Prix level Approved Stallions) X Beart Sport Pref.


Low 3.71% in breeding, and Brand New full set of xrays, available for review with your vet. 


Alec has excellent, supple and forward going movement, an easy trot to sit---even bareback, and a wonderful rocking horse canter.  And because he is so easy to sit--he would also make a nice western horse, AND he enjoys hacking out on the trail. He has excellent lateral work: shoulders end, haunches in, leg yields.  Also excellent ---- his rein back!!  Good "go", perfect "whoa", he responds to your aids, and has excellent lateral work.


Here is the "everything" friesian horse! Talk about  easy to ride, with PROVEN 3rd party verification of his aptitude and athleticism and ability to be a TOP sporthorse, proven by his high scores in dressage----but equally as suitable as an all around pleasure/trail horse.


This boy is not lazy, he moves off your leg nicely, and he is nicely NOT spooky, so you can ENJOY your trail ride, and not have to worry about what the horse is looking at! He is the ideal horse for an amateur or junior, or person looking for a NON spooky Friesian sporthorse to enjoy, and he comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam and xrays available for review with your vet. Measuring 16.11/2 hands, Alec is compact and comfortable in his gaits, and he is sensitive enough to your leg, to make an easy amateur horse.


The bonus is…..Alec has an excellent character, and will make a tremendous Friend for life!


This one wont last---- ideal age, LONG hair, jet black coat, AND a temperament second to none!

$39,900 delivered to NY; LAX and Chicago are 2k more.

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