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Baron STER


Sipke 450
Friesian Sire


Maurus 441
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 1/2 han

Baron STER is a super sweet 16.1 1/2 hand friesian STER boy for sale--we LOVE his BEAUTIFUL chiseled head and KIND eye, its easy to see WHY he is a STER stallion, (will deliver as a STER gelding!)---- which is excellent 3rd party verification that this boy IS considered top 10% for conformation and movement of ALL friesians!

He has a complete teddy bear personality, what a darling animal---he loves attention! Under saddle and going bareback, he is super easy, light in the hand and responds well to the aids. Look at this 4 yr old STER STALLION, better behaved than some horses TWICE his age!

 What an INCREDIBLY SWEET well behaved, GOOD THINKING, gorgeous, REASONABLY PRICED 4 yr old Friesian STER boy for sale!  Wanna go on a trail or for a spin down your local streets???  Traffic is no problem for Baron STER, and he likes to go for trail rides outside, in the forest, and at the beach, or any place YOU desire!

Excellent pedigree--sired by the Sipke SPORT, son of TEADE SPORT who is son of the HAIR man, ANTON SPORT PREF. , and out of a STER mare by Maurus SPORT, the son of infamous Tsjalke. Bday 4/15/16.

X-rays  are EXCELLENT ( and available for review with your vet.)


He is so sweet and very easy to work with!!! I love Baron because he is not lazy, not too forward, just simple and very light in your hand!!:) And your 4 yr old child, or grandchild, will like him too, and feel safe/confident on!

If you are seeking an INCREDIBLY handsome, tall, sweet, forgiving STER Friesian that is versatile and you can do anything with--- you really need to consider this GORGEOUS long haired STER boy.  He is a true lover that will be your forever best friend.

Registered as Baron van Visser STER, he is STUNNING, going 1st level dressage, already x-rayed, great movement, talent, excellent  temperament for a timid rider, and the BEST personality. He really is a GEM and the ONLY reason he is available at this excellent low price, is  that he was previously owned by a girl/ woman who studied Medicine and finished studies last spring, and  she is now a full time docter and discovered that she doesn’t have the time to ride, as  much as she would like.  I was given the opportunity to acquire this special, LONG haired, incredible temperament SWEET boy--and i jumped at it!  Fantastic deal----which i am passing on to YOU...

 He doesn’t JUST have a heart of gold, he has exceptional conformation, build, and an absolutely beautiful head and neck. He loves his work, and is NOT lazy. He is also not the spooky type, and is very brave, even when ridden on the road with VERY loud trucks going by!!


Baron STER is a GOOD one, and at this price, will likely not last--- He is $33,900 including import and quarantine to NY, and $35,900 to LAX, Chicago, Miami, or Canada.  Most STER stallions with clean xrays, and Baron's LONG hair and handsome looks, are well over 40k w/ import-- Baron is a super BUY on a VERY VERY sweet, easy to ride and handle friesian for sale.

Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 for details!

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