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Floris ELITE


Tsjalke 397
Friesian Sire


Teunis 332
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Floris is the very first friesian (and yes, we have been importing the finest friesian horse flesh for over TWO DECADES) that we have found that has acquired the HIGHLY coveted Elite Predicate by acquiring the ALSO highly coveted Sports premium in three disciplines: dressage, driving and show driving. That is very rare!!!!!!

This guy can be a superstar for you in dressage (he has more than 5 winning points in 3rd level dressage) OR driving OR saddleseat, or huntseat. This fella has PROVEN he can DO IT ALL!

Looking for a mature, been there, done that, kind of STER friesian gelding? Floris is excellent just for pleasure and dressage, and he is suitable as a family/trail horse!!! He is really cooperative and he knows all  the excersises of 3rd level, (Z1=3rd level in Holland). 


He is really very sweet and easy to handle. He came to my partners place last Monday and had not been in a different stables before (owned by the same person most of his life!) and although in a brand new setting, Floris is really well behaved and not stressed or spooky whatsoever. This  says A LOT about his character!

Bday 5-21-09

FULL pedigree with unbroken STER predicates, Floris is sired  by Tsjalke, and out of a STER mare sired by the one and only, famous (and no longer with us) Teunis. His grandmother is  STER+PREF  and Great Grandmother is also STER +PREF, and his great great grandmother is MODEL +PREF.

This 16.1 hand gorgeous guy has received five 1st premies in a row!!!  That's almost unheard of--- at 5 seperate keurings with different panels of Judges at each keuring.  Every single panel declared ths boy is the BOMB, scoring with tippy top 5% of all friesians, for conformation and movement!!  WOW!!!


What i love about Floris----

 his very upright conformation, and his GORGEOUS long neck and small typy throat-latch, and beautiful head.  He always uses his ears, that point towards each other, this guy LOVES to please his rider or driver, and will give you whatever you want, just let him know what you want and Floris will do it for you!!  He is a people pleaser and SUCH a happy horse---he is uncomplicated and likes to work.  And TALENTED!  Earning the SPORT predicate in 3 DIFFERENT disciplines is also almost unheard of....usually horses are really good at "dressage", or really good at "show driving", or really good at "pleasure driving".  Floris again breaks all barriers, and is superb at everything he tries his hand (or hoof) at!  And watch his rider in the video ride him (this was her first time on him, in an arena Floris had never been ridden in previously), and she completely gives Floris the reins, and he is so in tune with his rider, he continues to listen to his rider, even tho the rider has literally  thrown the reins away!  Read: Floris is suitable for a beginner or less experienced rider.


Floris is unbothered by it all. He is a horse you can ride or drive ANYWHERE, on the roads, on trails by himself, in places with loud noises nearby,  and feel confident----Floris is unfazed, and 100% safe.

This is One in a MILLION STER gelding.

 If you are looking for a once in a lifetime fairytale Friesian that is ALSO the most talented/willing boy you have ever seen, Floris is IT! His attitude and FEEL that he gives the rider/driver is second to none!


Published in the Phryso, THE fresian publication, in July 2020: "Floris T. Ster (Tsjalke 397 x Teunis 332) became Sport-Elite on Saturday 11 July. The Ster ruin  earned the last 'Sport' point in ZZ driving during a measurement moment in Oudega (SM). Eleven-year-old Floris, has obtained the Sport predicate in three disciplines and is therefore a Sport-Elite.
Excellent in harnesses
Owner Trijnie  already obtained the Sport predicate in 2016 with Floris in harness, the discipline in which the gelding excels. In 2019 Britt rode Floris to the Sport predicate in dressage and so Trijnie focused on driving. 'That was the hardest part for Floris,' says Trijnie, who bought Floris as a 2.5-year-old stallion. 'Floris always keeps going. Before driving, he has to keep calm and that works better as he gets older. The corona measures delayed the collection of the last points for Sport-Elite, but July 11 was the day. 'He had some tension in the first test', says Trijnie who started Floris in September 2017 in B driving. "The second test we got 180.5 points, his fifth profit point."
All-rounder Floris

This makes Floris one of a select group of Friesian horses with the Sport-Elite predicate, an appreciation for striking sports performances. It is even more special that Floris obtains this title through the three disciplines. That is given to few horses. Most Friesian horses achieve this title by excelling in dressage, driving or harnessing, Floris can do it all. 'He also knows ring stitches and marathon riding,' says Trijnie about her horse with character. "If he likes you, he'll do anything for you."

 Here  is a drive off the show room floor kind of horse ready to show THIS season, with SO MUCH TALENT and EXPERIENCE and a proven show record!

He is very sweet and easy to handle---Floris is  so nice to work with, EVERYONE falls in love with him. He has such elastic movements!! TALENT TALENT TALENT!!

Ideal age---with soooo much experience in thousands of different settings! $33,900 delivered to NY; LAX is 2k more.


Floris is EXCEPTIONALLY SWEET and people oriented.   You will learn from this horse and you will have so much fun on him, even if you are not an advanced rider. He truly is a once in a lifetime kind of horse.


Call Janna for more info: 415-272-2112 or email [email protected]



He is a GOOD one---


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