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Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Lolke 371
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

BSF is PROUD to present this GENTLE GIANT friesian for sale!!!!

Great mover, excellent conformation, high uphill neck, ---16.3 1/2 hands, and STILL GROWING!:) 


We LOVE York because he is extremely friendly, and has a  sweet personality; such a gentleman!  

Suitable for every rider!!  Price INCLUDES delivering as a gelding. Prefer a very TALL stallion? No problem! 

UNCOMPLICATED, forgiving. Great confidence builder!


York is really a beautiful sweetheart!! Extremely easy---even for those that have had a bad experience on another horse.  York ALSO has MUCH show experience, competing in 1st-2nd level dressage, and always scoring in the 60's-70's, and has the winning points to PROVE it!

Read: Suitable even for beginners AND aspiring dressage riders!!!!!

He has quite a regal look, a true gentle giant. Jet black in color, long and thick mane and tail! 

Very big and impressive boy." Measuring 169 cm on his papers (16.3 hands!) as a 3 yr old, this boy NOW measures just a hair under 17 hands TALL, AND still growing, as a 5 yr old!  If you are looking for TALL, here he is!!!  - Everyone is searching for a big impressive dressage/all around pleasure/family horse, WITH show experience and a full set of acceptable xrays, York is JUST THAT!

A super boy with MUCH experience!!!!  And REASONABLY PRICED, particularly for a horse already with a solid dressage foundation and perfect age, 5 yrs old!!!!! This is a RARE EXPERIENCED boy, and what a beauty..... he is super willing and SWEET as can be,  with three easy to sit gaits, and a GREAT canter for a friesian.

Did we mention----He is excellent out on the trails, by himself, or with other horses!!!!

He tracks very well underneath himself, and he is just an amazing horse to work with. York is always happy and always wants to do 100% his best for you! He is a half brother to our Hldebrand, just sold to Robert in Fla, and he was my absolute favorite horses to ride, on a February buying trip to the Netherlands. York is just amazing..... such a sweet horse...I love how he WANTS to work for you. And he learns so quickly. Amazingly light in his mouth. York is a horse that really wants to PLEASE his rider, and has the talent and trainability to go far. Comes with a recent pre-purchase exam and full set of xrays, available for review with your vet.

"Black Labrador" type, HIGH quality boy out of a STER mare, and is 1st premie!!!  That means the Dutch Judges think York ranks in the  tippy TOP 5% for conformation and MOVEMENT!!!  He stems from stam line 147.

Birthday 3/30/15


LOW 2,34% in breeding


York has a splendid canter, with excellent walk to canter transitions AND lateral work:)!


A dream horse, so easy and willing,....what a splendid dressage horse!!!!

With ideal conformation, high uphill neck, great mover, excellent collected canter.

Safe on trails and traffic.

Suitable for every rider because he is uncomplicated.  


If you are seeking an extremely beautiful, easy, talented young friesian, tall, already going 2nd level and with potential for MUCH more, York is a great choice for you AND already xrayed and has MUCH competition experience, scoring in the 60's-70's in L2 Dressage, with winning points (read-solid 1st/2nd level dressage with proven track record!).

And if you would like a SAFE SAFE SAFE trail boy, YORK is IDEAL for you!


York is reasonably priced at $38,900 into NY, and $40,900 into LAX, as a gelding. If imported as a stallion, Buyer is responsible for additional 30 day cem quarantine (approx 6k).

Dont miss this easy to sit, high quality friesian for sale! York is a GOOD one, and likely to NOT last! Call 415-272-2112 for the inside scoop on York.


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