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Maurits 437
Friesian Sire


Fabe 348
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to acquire a GRAND PRIX level friesian, that has been brought up slowly and methodically, with the VERY BEST dressage foundation and training a horse could possibly receive!!  Douwe STER SPORT and ELITE is a beautiful and well-bred Grand Prix dressage Friesian for sale, with a pedigree full of proven sport bloodlines on both sides.  He is an expressive mover, with three good gaits, a wonderful friendly personality, and unbeatable trainability. Douwe van R has had a very successful dressage career, quickly and successfully moving up the levels. He has a lovely temperament and fantastic trainability. 

On the ground he is friendly and quiet and very well behaved.  Under saddle he has an incredible work ethic andfocus, making him a joy to train.  He's smart and willing, with a disposition amateur and professionals would equally appreciate!

Here is Douwe, published in the Phyrso:


From Hennie, his rider for the last couple seasons "Douwe is really a wonderful horse, kind,  funny and relaxed---- he likes to be outside and does not act like a stallion at all! He doesn’t mind standing next to mares-----he is  really focused on his work when anyone is riding him ðŸ˜ŠðŸ’ªðŸ»  He is really good with  kids 😬😋---check out the pics of Douwe with a very small  4 yr old child in his paddock----the stallion with  his boy!" 

This is one RARE find!! Its not often that we are able to acquire GRAND PRIX level friesians, and we will deliver Douwe as a stallion OR a gelding--- your choice!  Champion driving horse, competing and WINNING in tandem, unicorn, double (pairs) and winning a TON up until he was 8 yrs old, at which point we turned his focus into being the BEST DRESSAGE SPORTHORSE around.  This is one EASY GOING stallion--he adjusts himself to his rider---not a spooky/hot/hard to handle guy.


The KFPS recognizes his talent and has given him a license for breeding as a foalbook stallion, B Book 1---which means in countries where there arent many approved stallions, such as Africa, Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc,  you can apply for a breeding license for Douwe, and his foals can be registered (he has rec'd a license for "foalbook stallion" based on performance in the sport).  That said, Douwe has not been used for breeding in Europe---this is a CHAMPION sporthorse that excels at anything he puts his mind to!


Douwe was measured by the Dutch Judges as 166 cm (16.1 hands tall), and has had the same owner in the Netherlands since he was 3 yrs old, up until Janna purchased him in July 2020.  

If you are looking for a REAL DRESSAGE SCHOOLMASTER< here he is!!! Douwe is a PRO...he does 1, 2, 3 , and 4 tempi changes in his sleep, and can teach YOU the art and finesse of piaffe and passage.   This is a horse EVERYONE can ride----Harmina has ridden him in a lot of shows and exhibitions and says EVERYBODY can ride this sweet boy; he is really CALM and easygoing, no matter the setting! 


Douwe has an AMAZING Show Record!!!!

Douwe van R started his career as a champion driving horse, pulling a Sjees.

2014: A 1st level rider showed him successfully under saddle in the "Tuigen Under Saddle".  

2015: He was pairs champion, champion Tandem and champion in a unicorn! 

In 2015,  together with his woman driver, Jolanda, he was also champion in the young horses competition for the sjees (4-6 years old friesian horses).

Also in 2015, my friend Harmina rode Douwe in a large exhibition and show in England. AND Douwe was  awarded BEST YOUNG HORSE Trotting in 2015. 

2016-Champion in Tandem, with driver Sybren.

After having a successful driving career, Douwe van R focused on moving up the levels in dressage--and boy, has he EVER been SUCCESSFUL!!

He exhibited and was asked to do Shows/Exhibitions at Big shows in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and England. 

He was selected to be part of the hugely popular Friesian proms show, performing n front of SOLD OUT crowds at the stallion show in 2015, 2016 & 2017 with live music/orchestra. 


And with his phenomenal rider Hennie Roffel, who started showing him in FEI dressage in 2019:

March, 2019 -big indoor event “Dutch masters indoor”: Pas de Deux kür with 73.25%  score!!!


In July, and his first start with Hennie in Prix St George, Douwe scored a whopping: 62%!!! On July 25, 2020, Douwe walked away with the FIRST PRIZE in Grand Prix, with a 64.25% score.  He had a couple little mistakes, but showed that he is a REAL dressage schoolmaster! 

2nd start:  PSG 65.85% 

3rd start:  PSG 67.05%


Douwe performed an incredible  dressage presentation at the Central keuring ring of friesian mares.


At the biggest Dutch outdoor horse event, he showed off with the “Friezentrein”, Friesian Train (see video above, Douwe is one of the 4 horses that does the higher level exercises).


Reserve champion of Friesian horses in the Netherlands in PSG with 66.39%


European friesian championships 2019: selection day 65.66% and placed 9th. One day later, in the finals: intermediare 1 kür with music, he was 5th best in European National Championships, with a score of 68.75%!!!  This boy is toe to toe competing against Approved Friesian stallions.


November, 2019:

Debut intermediare 2 with 63.13% and a 4th place.

In December, 2019 second time Intermediare 2 with 66.54% and a 3rd place.


January,  2020: 

Douwe was asked to do an amazing exhibition together with a kwpn and PRE horse......all Grand Prix horses, to a standing ovation at the big indoor show in Groningen! :


January, 2020: First start of the year Intermediare 2 with 64.70% (against Edward Gal!!!!) 

The very next day, at same competition against all of the TOP sporthorses competing  FEI levels in Europe, Douwe scored 66.03% 

 In February, 2020 he debuted in Grand Prix dressage with a whopping 62.44% score and trotted off with 2nd place!

Then corona virus hit, and all competitions were canceled,  which is the main reason i was fortunate enough to be able to acquire this powerhouse:)

Following my purchase in July, 2020, Douwe once again competed GP and was at 68%, however Hennie made the wise decision to discontinue his test, for safety, due to the large amount of water in the arena from a thunderstorm.  Currently Douwe is preparing to compete again in July, 2020 in Grand Prix....could he be winning for YOU?!?  


Price includes all new xrays available for review with your vet, a brand new thorough pre purchase exam, and import and quarantine as a gelding (Buyer responsible  for 30 day cem quarantine if you prefer he be imported as stallion).


This is one AMAZING Grand Prix STER and ELITE friesian for sale---only every 20 years, do i come across a gem like Douwe, that does NOT cost 6 figures. If you want the BEST, here he is!


Buying Price:


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