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Teade STER


Alke 468
Friesian Sire


Ielke 382
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

We are incredibly proud to offer this Star boy, Teade, and we would love to find a good home for this special Golden Retriever friesian for sale!

This is such a sweet beautiful horse with sooooo much dressage experience and potential!

He’s a 6 year old star stallion but never acted like a stallion, we don’t think that he knows how to handle the girls, and will deliver him as a gelding to his new forever home ðŸ˜‰

He’s easy with other horses even in a turn out around other horses, he acts as a gelding.

He has such a great character and is definitely willing to work, as evidenced by his lengthy show record, cleaning up in dressage! Teade's great for all categories of riders----if you want an ALL AROUND experienced EASY going boy, Teade is FOR YOU.  Also, if you want the OPTION to go to competitions with a dressage horse with potential, Teade is also SUPERB!

Already confirmed on flying changes, Teade is 6 yr old, has acquired the STER predicate for exhibiting tippy top conformation and movement, AND has  already competed in at least 35 competitions in his lifetime!  This is one EXPERIENCED 6 yr old STER boy, that has mucho experience in different settings!!!

Teade readily puts the warmbloods on their knees--he is always in the top 5!!

We also competed with him at the Pavo Phryso competitions and made it 2 years in a row to the semifinals!

Teade also competed at the European Championships where he showed off his dressage talent for two years in a row!

But don't really want to compete-----no problem for Teade, switch gears and go on a trail ride, and you will have the cool cucumber boy, Teade is not at all spooky!!! He’s acting cool and collected, no matter the setting. All types of riders can handle this horse.

When you are a novice rider, he acts calm but when you need him willing to work in the upper levels of dressage, he’s there--- if you ask him.


And he’s also a real family horse, loves the attention from everyone in the family!!! See the pictures  above of the old owner and her son, Jens, on Teade 😊

 Here are just a few of the feathers in Teade's cap:
Friesian championships 3rd place

Dutch championships 5th place

European championships 5th place semifinals.

Pavo Phryso 5th place semifinals. 


He went to the stallion keuring in 2018 and made it to the final selection in Leeuwarden and became star!

Teade has a full set of xrays, all good,and available for review with your vet.

He is  166 cm tall (and yes, his rider is VERY tall, she is  181 cm!!)

Teade was just 1 point away from being SPORT, when the competitions  discontinued due to covid,  and he is one of those rare friesians that will have the coveted STER and SPORT predicates----VERY few of those in N America!!!!

He’s now going Z2 level with solid flying changes, last year he was M2 with 11 points.

M2 Level is considered by many MORE difficult because of the smaller arena with almost the same exercises. 


When you are looking for a horse with potential and a STER good thinking boy that already has a lot of experience in MANY MANY different settings and situations,  and yet has a lifetime of fun ahead --- Teade is for YOU!!

Teade was purchased as a foal by his previous owner, and has spent his entire lifetime with our friend, and phenomenal horse woman.   Teade is a GOOD one---it is very rare to find a STER friesian boy, that is competing 3rd level WITH flying changes, that has been ranked as top 10% for conformation and movement by the Dutch Judges, and is suitable for a nervous or  beginner rider.....  He is $37,900 including import and quarantine to NY. Call 415-272-2112 for more info.


Teade STER is a GEM!

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